Atlanta Center for Mental Health: Comprehensive Care and Support

Taking care of your mental health means feeling good in every aspect of your life. In Atlanta, about 8.3% of adults go through serious periods of feeling very sad. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made these problems worse. In February 2021, about 44.3% of adults in Georgia felt very anxious or sad, and many couldn’t get the help they needed. 

The Atlanta Center for Mental Health is a great place to get help in Georgia. They make special plans for each person so everyone gets the right kind of help. Keep reading to find out more about this hospital. 

Also, lots of people in Georgia get help from BetterHelp. It’s a website where you can talk to professional mental health experts.


About Atlanta Center for Mental Health

The Atlanta Center for Mental Health is a valuable place to get help for various mental health issues. 

What makes them special is that they’re good at treating both mental health and substance use disorders at the same time, which helps people recover more completely. 

They’re not just like any other place; they’re well-respected in the Riverdale area because they’re caring and offer lots of different services to help people with mental health problems.

They have programs for people who need a lot of support and need to stay in the hospital, as well as for those who just need some help while still living at home. 

They offer things like therapy, help with medication, and groups where people can support each other. 

Whether you need to stay in the hospital, visit them for appointments, or get help with both mental health and substance use, the Atlanta Center for Mental Health is there to help you get better.

Atlanta Mental Health Services

The Atlanta Center for Mental Health helps individuals facing various mental health challenges. 

They’re unique because they can help with both mental health and substance abuse issues at the same time, looking at your whole life to find the best solutions. 

Known for their excellent care in Riverdale, they focus on your well-being and offer many services tailored to your mental health needs. 

They create personalized plans for everyone and have expert care available all day and night from doctors and psychiatric nurse practitioners. 

Their goal is to figure out what’s causing your mental health issues and help you manage them well, which might include finding the right medications. 

They offer therapy sessions, help with medications, and have support groups. 

Whether you need to stay in the hospital, visit during the day, or get help for both mental health and substance use, the Atlanta Center for Mental Health is committed to helping you get better. 

They do assessments, offer counseling, run group therapy sessions, and include your family. 

With private rooms, a focus on wellness, and a set schedule, they make sure you get the support you need.

Dual Diagnosis

doctor treating

Dual Diagnosis, also known as co-occurring disorders. The Atlanta Center for Mental Health takes a thorough approach to handling these complex situations. 

They start by understanding each patient’s needs through a detailed assessment, considering their mental health symptoms, substance use habits, and other underlying issues. 

Then, they use proven therapies to help with both mental health and substance abuse. 

Counseling sessions teach coping skills and prevent relapses, while group therapy provides support from peers. 

They also involve families to create a healthier home environment through education and support.

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How You Can Reach Them? {Provide contact info}

If you need to get in touch with the Atlanta Center for Mental Health in Riverdale, Georgia, here’s how you can reach them:

Phone: Call (833) 479-0797 

Email: Send an email to [email protected] 

Website: Visit


What is the best way to treat dual diagnosis?

The most effective way to deal with dual diagnosis is by using an approach that tackles both mental health issues and substance abuse together.
This includes things like thoroughly checking your situation, talking one-on-one with a counselor, joining group therapy sessions, and involving your family in the process.
It’s important to work closely with mental health experts, keep communication open, and stick to the treatment plan made just for you.
Remember, asking for help is brave, and you don’t have to go through this on your own.

Is dual diagnosis effective?

Dual diagnosis treatment can be highly effective for several reasons.
Firstly, it delves into the root causes by addressing both mental health concerns and substance use, which strengthens the path to recovery by tackling addiction triggers.
Secondly, research indicates that treating both aspects simultaneously leads to improved outcomes, often resulting in reduced symptoms, increased sobriety, and enhanced well-being.
Additionally, this approach reduces the likelihood of relapse by providing individuals with the necessary tools to navigate challenges and understand the interconnectedness between mental health and substance use.
While each person’s journey varies, dual diagnosis treatment offers a comprehensive and effective path toward recovery for those grappling with both mental health and substance use disorders.

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