Bloom Mental Health App: Optimizing Well-being

In our increasingly fast-paced society, the surge in stress and mental health issues is undeniable. The Bloom mental health app, positioning itself as a “self-therapy” application, emerges as a solution to not only dismantle obstacles to seeking assistance but also foster a proactive stance toward emotional well-being. 

This outstanding technology serves as a user-friendly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) app, providing valuable skills for mental health enhancement. 

However, it’s crucial to recognize that this app can not substitute therapy with a licensed professional; it empowers users to take charge of their emotional wellness.

In contrast, BetterHelp is an online therapy platform providing swift connections to licensed counselors and therapists. Visit BetterHelp today to have your specific needs and preferences met.

The Transformative Power of the Bloom App

The Bloom is an innovative mental health app offering interactive self-guided therapy through video content. This innovative application gives users the tools to engage in therapeutic practices independently. 

According to a report, Bloom app’s users, mostly young adults aged 19-22, spend an average of approximately 20 minutes engaging with its content. 

Additionally, the app boasts an outstanding task completion rate of 98%, indicating its effectiveness in guiding users through its features seamlessly. 

While maintaining an impressive overall performance, the app supports an 85% error-free rate, ensuring a reliable and error-minimized user experience.

The credit of this app lies in its interactive and expert-guided video lessons strategically designed to employ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy skills

These video lessons are authored by a licensed CBT psychologist and facilitated by certified CBT coaches. The lessons aim to help you grasp the impact of your thoughts and emotions on your daily life. 

More so, these lessons serve as a dynamic means to alleviate anxiety and stress and foster self-love and overall well-being. 

The app’s in-app activities, with journals, mindfulness, and breathwork exercises, create a user-friendly experience that is particularly welcoming to beginners. 

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Finding Your Fit: Who Can Benefit Most from the Bloom App?

The Bloom app is of great benefit to individuals who are: 

1. Workaholic 

The Bloom app offers a significant advantage to individuals with hectic schedules by providing access to expert-guided CBT video lessons at their convenience. 

This feature proves invaluable for those who prioritize their mental health amidst varied programs, offering the flexibility to engage in short, manageable tasks whenever time allows. 

Whether a brief break between tasks or a dedicated moment during a busy day, Bloom empowers users to proactively work on their mental well-being without being constrained by rigid timeframes, making it an ideal companion for those navigating demanding schedules.

2. Unaware of CBT

For individuals new to CBT skills, the Bloom app is an invaluable entry point. 

It provides a seamless introduction by offering comprehensive explanations of CBT terms and activities in a manner that is not only detailed but also easily understandable. 

Additionally, the Bloom app serves as a user-friendly guide, ensuring that the journey into understanding and applying essential mental health skills is enriching.

3. Mildly Anxious and Stressful

The Bloom app proves exceptionally beneficial for individuals experiencing mild anxiety and stress by addressing a diverse range of relevant topics. 

Beyond its dedicated sections specifically tailored for stress and anxiety, the app extends its support to encompass self-love, overcoming disappointment, motivation, and handling sadness. 

This comprehensive coverage ensures users receive a holistic approach to managing their emotional well-being. 

Bloom becomes an invaluable companion for those seeking extra support throughout their day, providing practical tools and insights to navigate challenges and cultivate a positive mindset.

Bloom: Self-Therapy App

A contemporary approach to therapy, tailored to individual preferences, grounded in the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), crafted for active participation, endorsed by mental health professionals, and embraced by its users.

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Key Features of Bloom Mental Health App 

The Bloom Mental Health App is available in free and premium versions. The free app offers essential features, making it accessible to a broad audience.

The Free Version Features 

1. Activities Section:

The free Bloom Mental Health app showcases six primary activities, incorporating grounding techniques and gratitude practices. 

These activities are presented through interactive videos featuring guides and accompanied by a journal entry. The Bloom activities encompass:

  • The Morning Show
  • Feel-Good Challenges
  • Calm Anxiety
  • Grounding Techniques
  • Develop Gratitude
  • Lifelong Learning

2. Journals:

The app’s free version incorporates four journals seamlessly integrated throughout your experience, each serving a distinct purpose:

  • Gratitude Journal
  • Today’s Intention
  • Morning Journal
  • Evening Journal

3. Mindfulness Practices

Engage in mindfulness practices aimed at nurturing awareness of the present moment. 

The mental app features three mindfulness exercises resembling insightful mini-lessons on various quotes, mantras, or specific topics. 

These exercises feature “Daily Quote,” “Daily Mantra,” and “Guided Check-In.”

4. Entries Hub:

“Within the Entries hub, you can explore sections such as “Session History” and “Bookmarked Sessions,” along with a feed displaying your app activities. 

This hub also provides access to your app settings, where you can customize your leading guide, handle subscriptions, apply discount codes, and toggle the background music on or off.

5. Breathwork Section:

The Calming Breathwork and Nighttime Breathwork sessions offer fundamental breathing techniques suitable for beginners.

These critical features in the free version of the Bloom Mental Health App collectively empower users with practical tools, self-reflection opportunities, and mindfulness practices, fostering a proactive and accessible approach to mental well-being.

However, the premium version unlocks many advanced features for those seeking a more comprehensive and personalized experience.

Premium Version Features : 

“Explore” Hub

Dive into the heart of Bloom’s premium experience through the Explore hub, your gateway to a treasure trove of expert-guided video lessons, aptly termed “Self-Therapy.” 

The app’s distinctive philosophy emphasizes the role of expert guides in empowering you to become your therapist. Navigate through seven categories tailored to address various aspects of well-being:

1. Anxiety

2. Sleep

3. Frustration

4. Sadness

5. Motivation

6. Stress

7. Self-love

Moreover, subscribers gain access to in-depth CBT modules, tailored exercises based on individual needs, progress tracking, and additional resources to deepen their understanding of mental health. 

This dual-tiered approach ensures that individuals at various levels of commitment and engagement can benefit from Bloom’s transformative capabilities.

For instance, in each category, you can delve into the “Habits” section and explore specific topics through dedicated video lessons. 

Also, in the “Motivation” category, you’ll find sections like “Overcoming Procrastination” and “Reaching Your Goals,” each providing 8 to 10 enriching videos. 

Additionally, in the “Bloom Score” section, you can measure your mental health. There are also features for organizations that find their teams’ mental well-being essential.

Likewise, individuals can personalize their learning experience by switching video guides in their account settings. 

For more clarity and information, read on to learn step-by-step instructions on how to use the Boom App.

A Step-by-Step Journey into the Bloom App

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Step 1:

Acquire the Bloom app by downloading it from the Apple App Store.

Step 2:

Set up your free account by entering your name, and email address, and creating a password. 

Answer a few fundamental questions, including your reason for using Bloom, your familiarity with CBT, guide preference, and preferred lesson time.

Step 3:

Opt to commence a seven-day free trial (exclusive to the yearly subscription) or exit the screen to explore the app’s free version.

Step 4:

Upon completing the setup, navigate through Bloom’s user-friendly interface to access many guided lessons and exercises tailored to enhance your cognitive well-being. 

Explore various topics such as stress management, anxiety reduction, and emotional resilience.

Step 5:

Engage in Bloom’s interactive features, including mood tracking and journaling, to gain insights into your emotional patterns and progress over time. 

This personalized approach allows you to adapt the app to your unique needs.

Step 6:

Explore the diverse CBT skills offered by Bloom, designed to empower you with practical tools for navigating life’s challenges. 

From identifying negative thought patterns to implementing positive behavioral changes, Bloom guides you through transformative exercises.

While using Bloom as a valuable self-help resource, remember that it does not replace professional therapy. 

If you need licensed therapeutic support, consider registering with BetterHelp, an online platform connecting individuals with licensed therapists. 

BetterHelp offers the convenience of virtual counseling, ensuring accessibility and tailored support to address your specific needs. 

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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Bloom


  • Engaging and non-intimidating instruction of CBT skills, catering to beginners.
  • Convenient CBT video lessons that easily fit into diverse schedules.
  • Ideal for providing motivation and boosting self-esteem throughout the day.
  • Effective in managing mild symptoms of anxiety and stress.
  • Offers a seven-day free trial with a yearly subscription.


  • Does not provide therapy with a licensed therapist.
  • No free trial is available for the monthly subscription.
  • Currently exclusive to the Apple platform.
  • Occasional technical issues, such as load time errors, may be experienced.

Some Alternatives to Bloom

1. BetterHelp:

BetterHelp is an online counseling platform connecting individuals with licensed therapists through text, audio, and video. 

It offers a convenient and accessible way for users to seek mental health support from the comfort of their own space. 

With a broad range of licensed professionals, BetterHelp aims to provide personalized and confidential counseling for various mental health concerns, making it a flexible alternative to traditional in-person therapy.

2. BetterMe:

BetterMe is a comprehensive mental health service offering a personalized well-being approach. 

Users can access various resources through its app, including guided meditation, mood tracking, and self-help programs. 

The platform aims to empower individuals by fostering a sense of self-awareness and providing tools for personal growth. With its user-friendly interface and diverse content, BetterMe stands out as a holistic solution for those seeking mental health support.

3. Ginger:

Ginger is a mental health platform that combines technology with human support. This innovative service offers users access to licensed therapists, coaches, and behavioral health support through a mobile app. 

Ginger’s approach blends the convenience of digital tools with the expertise of mental health professionals, creating a space for individuals to address their unique concerns. 

By offering real-time support and evidence-based interventions, Ginger strives to make mental health care more accessible and personalized.

4. Aura:

Aura is a mindfulness and meditation app designed to help users reduce stress and improve emotional well-being. 

Through short guided sessions, Aura encourages daily mindfulness practices tailored to individual needs. 

The app also employs artificial intelligence to adapt its recommendations based on user preferences and progress. 

Aura’s emphasis on simplicity and quick sessions makes it an attractive option for those seeking a convenient way to integrate mindfulness into their daily routines.

Bloom App Cost

Bloom App Pricing:

  • Monthly subscription: $14.49
  • Annual subscription: $59.99 (includes a seven-day free trial)
  • Lifetime subscription: $399.99

Bloom Premium Subscription:

  • Monthly: $14.49
  • Annual: $59.99 (seven-day free trial available)
  • Lifetime: $399.99

Insurance Coverage: No, Bloom does not currently accept insurance.

Note: Though a free version of the Bloom app is available to subscribers, it comes with limitations on content. Users opting for the free version can access daily CBT activities, journals, and a selection of mindfulness and breathwork exercises. 

Testimonials from Bloom App Users

Numerous users have lauded Bloom for its user-friendly interface and straightforward content, citing its effectiveness in addressing their concerns.

They highlight the value of journals and emotional tracking as essential tools for recognizing patterns in well-being.

One user expresses gratitude for discovering Bloom, drawing parallels between mental exercise and physical therapy.

They appreciate Bloom for facilitating incremental and significant steps in personal development, emphasizing the beauty of self-directed growth.

An anonymous user commends Bloom for its user-friendly design, particularly appreciating the integration of journals with informative video lessons. The user finds these activities powerful and aligned with their learning experience.

Another user notes that while Bloom isn’t a substitute for professional therapy, it serves as an invaluable supplement.

They value the emphasis on teaching practical Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) skills, describing it as a personalized mental health workshop tailored to individual needs.


1. Is Bloom a safe app?

Bloom prioritizes user safety and employs robust security measures to protect personal information. The app adheres to industry data encryption and privacy standards to ensure a secure user experience.

2. Is Bloom good for anxiety?

Bloom is designed to address some mental health concerns, including anxiety. Its Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach equips users with practical skills to manage and alleviate anxiety symptoms effectively.

3. Does Bloom have a monthly fee?

Yes, Bloom operates on a subscription-based model that includes a monthly fee.

4. Is Bloom safe for kids?

While Bloom is designed for users seeking mental health support, it is essential to note that the app is intended for individuals of a certain age. Parental discretion is advised.

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