Massac Mental Health Hospital: Mental Care & Support

About Massac Mental Health Hospital

The Massac County Mental Health and Behavioral Center is a non-profit organization that has been providing low-cost, high-quality care to individuals of all ages since 1964.

Located in downtown Metropolis, IL, the center is committed to improving the quality of life for its patients through a compassionate and highly credentialed staff.

The clinicians at the Massac County Mental Health and Behavioral Center are trained to address a wide range of mental health issues.

They address issues such as depression, grief and loss, anxiety, stress, and phobias, and also offer treatment for abuse or trauma, anger management, substance dependency, misuse, and abuse. 

They also specialize in addressing adolescent behavioral problems, caregiving, and coping with mental illness. 

Additionally, the center offers services for separation or divorce, adjustments to life changes, and work-life balance.

The center provides services to adults, couples, teens, and children, and offers specialized services for bilingual individuals. 

To ensure accessibility, the center provides a sliding-scale payment option and accepts Medicare and Medicaid.

At the Massac County Mental Health and Behavioral Center, patients can expect to receive compassionate and personalized care from a team of highly trained mental health professionals

The center’s commitment to improving mental health and well-being has made it a trusted resource for individuals and families in the community for over 60 years.

Services Provided by Massac Mental Health Hospital


The Massac County Mental Health and Behavioral Center offers a wide range of services to address various mental health needs:

1. Counseling Services:

The Massac County Mental Health and Behavioral Center offers individual counseling through personalized therapy sessions, focused on the needs and challenges of each individual.

They also provide marriage & family counseling sessions for couples and families to address relationship dynamics, communication, and conflict resolution.

Moreover, they provide facilitated group sessions led by a licensed therapist, that offer support and shared experiences among individuals with similar issues.

2. Consumer Support Services:

The center offers consumer support group meetings that offer peer support and shared coping strategies for mental health challenges.

Furthermore, one-on-one support tailored to the specific needs of each consumer is also available.

3. Crisis and Intervention Services: 

The center offers crisis intervention services that provide immediate assistance and intervention for individuals experiencing acute mental health crises.

The center also conducts DUI evaluations to assess individuals involved in DUI offenses and determine the need for further intervention or treatment

Moreover, the center also provides educational programs aimed at reducing the risk of repeat DUI offenses through increased awareness and understanding.

4. Substance Abuse and Prevention Services

Substance abuse treatment is available for those struggling with dependency and misuse, offering comprehensive programs to support recovery. 

Treatment includes evidence-based programs for addiction, including individual and group counseling, medication-assisted treatment, and relapse prevention strategies.

Their prevention services aim to proactively address mental health and substance abuse issues within the community, preventing their onset and escalation.

5. Youth and Educational Programs

Youth programs are available to support adolescents facing behavioral or mental health challenges. 

They also conduct workshops and training sessions on various mental health topics, along with community education initiatives to raise public awareness and understanding of mental health issues.

6. Specialized Evaluations and Programs

The center offers evaluations for individuals considering gastric bypass surgery, including mental health assessments and support services to ensure a successful surgery and recovery.

Their employee assistance program provides confidential mental health services for employees and their families, including counseling, stress management, and work-life balance support.

Staff Members of Massac County Mental Health & Family Counseling Center

Massac County Mental Health & Family Counseling Center has a diverse team of dedicated professionals across various roles to ensure quality care for their community.

1. Directors

The directors at Massac Mental Health provide strategic leadership and ensure the smooth operation of the center. 

Tina Simpson Martin serves as the executive director, bringing a wealth of experience and vision to the organization. 

Synthia Hansen, the clinical director, oversees clinical operations, ensuring the highest standards of care. 

LaDawn Bradley, the chief operating officer, manages daily operations, while Tommy Hollimon, Jr. focuses on housing as the housing director. 

Robert Newman, the crisis director, leads crisis intervention efforts, and Melissa Haynes, the finance director, manages the center’s financial health.

2. Administrators

Their administrative team handles essential administrative functions, ensuring efficient and organized operations.

Lisa Sommer, as the administrative assistant, provides critical support in administrative tasks. 

Janet Hankins, the front office manager, oversees front office operations, ensuring smooth and effective management.

3. Clinicians

The clinicians at Massac Mental Health provide specialized therapeutic services to address various mental health needs, offering individualized and evidence-based treatments. 

Their clinicians team includes Xavier Brown, Chris Dueker, Stacy Kirkham, Mikah Jeffers, Jeanae Fowler, Shantaye Powell, Maribeth Ethridge-Hicks, Nikki Weaver, and Toni Robinson.

4. School Counselors

School counselors work with educational institutes to support students’ mental health, offering counseling and guidance to help them navigate academic and personal challenges. 

Whitney Kuhlmann, Avery Martin, and Kristan Goines provide crucial mental health support to students, ensuring they have the resources and support they need.

5. Outpatient Counselors

Outpatient counselors provide therapeutic services on an outpatient basis, helping clients manage and overcome various mental health issues. 

On their team, they have Tanya Madrigal and Michael Pryor, dedicated to delivering effective and compassionate outpatient care and supporting clients in their journey to mental wellness.

6. Housing

Sherell Sparks, Jennine Searcy, Jess Martin, Josie Martin, and Danny Thomas work in the housing department tirelessly to offer stable and supportive housing solutions.

7. Crisis Counselors

Crisis counselors offer immediate and critical support to individuals in mental health crises, helping to stabilize and guide them toward appropriate care. 

The center’s crisis counselors, Dawn Durham, Kelly Spearman, and Christina Taylor, provide essential crisis intervention services, ensuring individuals receive the urgent care they need.

8. Maintenance Technicians

Maintenance Technicians ensure the facility is safe, clean, and operational, addressing any technical or maintenance issues promptly. 

Darryl Deming and James Eddington work diligently to maintain the center’s infrastructure, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment.

9. Consultant and Engagement Specialist

The consultant and engagement specialists work to enhance the center’s services and community engagement, providing expert advice and fostering connections. 

Jan Waller, as a consultant, brings valuable insights and strategies to improve services, while Lauryn Parr, as an engagement specialist, focuses on maintaining strong community relationships.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at Massac Mental Health is composed of dedicated professionals committed to guiding the organization in its mission to provide high-quality mental health care. 

Their diverse expertise and leadership ensure the hospital meets the needs of the community effectively.

  • Landon Bremer – President
  • Shain Lloyd – Vice President
  • Dan Huffman – Treasurer
  • Kim Abell – Secretary
  • Kathy Rushing – Board Member
  • Chad Kaylor – Board Member
  • Josh Stratemeyer – Board Member
  • Donald Robbins, Jr. – Board Member
  • Kim Comer – Board Member

What Sets Massac Mental Health Apart From Other Mental Health Centers?

mental health

What distinguishes Massac Mental Health from other mental health centers is its commitment to providing affordable, high-quality services to the community. 

This is reflected in their affiliations with various organizations, such as United Way, Illinois Department of Children & Family Services, and Illinois Department of Human Services, among others.

The center takes a proactive approach to engaging with the community by collaborating with different organizations and hosting events for various age groups. 

This helps to promote mental health awareness and provide resources to those who need them. 

Their staff also regularly reaches out to local legislators, inviting them to visit the facilities, learn about the services provided, and discuss common challenges in the behavioral health field. 

This proactive approach helps to foster a deeper understanding of the importance of mental health care and the need for continued support and funding.

The center’s website is also a valuable resource, offering a wealth of information and resources on various mental health issues, including substance abuse and drug addiction. 

Furthermore, Massac Mental Health places a strong emphasis on knowledge-sharing and education through its youth programs, workshops/training, and community education programs. 

These initiatives help to promote mental health awareness, provide resources for those in need, and promote a culture of understanding and support.

Finally, the center relies on donations to continue providing quality services at low costs. 

These donations enable the center to continue its mission of providing accessible mental health care to the community. 

Additionally, the center offers employment opportunities, which can be found on their website, for those who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others.

Address & Contact Information

Address – 206 West Fifth St., Metropolis, IL 62960

Phone – Local: 618-524-9368

TDD: 618-524-1578

Toll Free: 800-851-1251

After Hours Crisis Line: 618-524-9368

Clinical Hours: The clinic operates Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Tuesday evening hours are individually scheduled to accommodate clients’ needs. 

A crisis counselor is available 24 hours a day to provide immediate support. 

Psychiatric appointments are made through referrals from the clinical staff, ensuring a coordinated approach to comprehensive mental health care.

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