7 Best Mental Health Hospitals in Asheville NC

Rates of mental health disorders have been steadily increasing in recent years. Conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more have impacted people of all ages. 

As awareness grows, seeking treatment and support has become more normalized. 

With the demand for mental health treatment rapidly increasing, it is reassuring to see Asheville’s network of care expanding to meet various needs. 

In Asheville, all types of clinical treatment are accessible to serve those struggling with their mental well-being. 

For some individuals, hospitalization may be necessary for stabilization or intensive treatment. Whether due to a crisis or the need for detox services, inpatient care can be critical for recovery in serious cases.

In this article, we explore some of the top mental health hospitals in Asheville NC area. 

Beyond hospitals, Asheville is rich with talented mental health professionals as well. We will also highlight some of the best doctors, psychologists, counselors, and other practitioners in the city.

Best Mental Health Hospitals in Asheville NC

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Following are some of the best mental health hospitals in Asheville, NC.

1. CooperRiis at Asheville

CooperRiis at Asheville is a residential healing community and progressive transitional living program dedicated to adults aged 18 and older.

The facility offers CARF-accredited residential programs and a partial hospitalization program, signifying their commitment to continuous service improvement and community engagement.

It caters to individuals struggling with mental health challenges such as mood disorders, dual diagnosis support, neurodiversity support, personality disorders, PTSD, and schizophrenia

Since 2003, CooperRiis has positively impacted over 2,200 residents through its recovery approach, which emphasizes integrated wellness practices, and trusted clinical therapies. 

Their partial hospitalization program is a highly structured psychiatric day program, integrating evidence-based therapies with a strong wellness approach.

Their residents start their journey by crafting a dream statement, supported by a clinical team, to guide their path to recovery. 

They also have an Asheville community program that provides transitional living in five homes, each offering a supportive environment with daily group sessions and social activities. 

2. Sweeten Creek Mental Health and Wellness Center

Sweeten Creek Mental Health and Wellness Center, a campus of Mission Hospital, is dedicated to breaking the stigma of mental illness and focusing on the well-being of its patients. 

Their mental and behavioral health program aims to enhance individuals’ skills and resources, increasing their self-confidence and self-reliance. 

They address various issues, including transitions, depression, grief, mood disorders, hopelessness, anxiety, mindfulness, and negative thinking.

They also help individuals with medication education, assertiveness skills, stress management, anger management, and suicide prevention.

This new campus is designed to accommodate 120 beds with future expansions planned for an additional 40+ beds. 

The facility supports a wide range of patient groups, including pediatric, adolescent, low-acuity adult, high-acuity adult, and geriatric patients. 

The center features a patient gymnasium, outdoor courtyards, a basketball court, a horticulture area, and a patient cafeteria. 

All outpatient services, partial hospitalization programs, and intensive outpatient programs are housed at this new facility. 

3. Mindpath Health

Mindpath Health in Asheville, NC, offers mental health care with both online and in-person services. 

Their clinicians provide therapy, counseling, and psychiatry services, including medication management and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

They specialize in treating conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, grief, panic disorder, OCD, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), trauma, and postpartum depression.

Their services also cover a range of other needs, from ADHD and anger management to family therapy and substance use support, all aimed at guiding patients toward better mental health.

They accept various insurance plans, including BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, and Friday Health Plans, to ensure accessible and holistic care. 

4. MAHEC Center for Psychiatry and Mental Wellness

The MAHEC Center for Psychiatry and Mental Wellness is the region’s only certified community behavioral health clinic that offers high-quality care to residents of NC, regardless of financial circumstances. 

They offer a wide range of psychiatric and behavioral health services for children, adolescents, and adults, including medication management, psychotherapy, and substance abuse treatment.

 Additionally, they provide specialized support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, medication for opioid use disorder, and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

Their services also include peer support, school-based therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness-based stress management. 

They offer on-site laboratory services, parent-child interaction therapy, play therapy, and trauma-informed care. 

Many of these services can be accessed via telehealth or in-person, with the possibility of same-day care depending on individual needs. 

The center’s commitment to accessible and inclusive mental health care highlights their mission to support the well-being of its community.

5. Western North Carolina Community Health Services (WNCCHS)

WNCCHS offers integrated behavioral health services for established patients, coordinating mental health, substance abuse, and primary care to ensure the best outcomes. 

This comprehensive care approach includes crisis counseling, depression and anxiety management, grief support, stress management, and connections to local resources. 

WNCCHS also provides substance abuse education, relapse prevention, and psychotropic medication management as part of their whole-person care treatment. 

By offering these services in one location, WNCCHS reduces barriers to care and addresses chronic illnesses, improving overall patient health and well-being.

6. Asheville VA Medical Center

Asheville VA Medical Center is dedicated to addressing the needs of veterans, their families, and caregivers, providing comprehensive mental health and behavioral health services. 

They treat conditions such as addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and OCD. 

The center offers confidential outpatient services, including individual and group therapy, for marriage/relationship problems, addictive behaviors, and personality and psychiatric disorders. 

In addition, they provide support during crises through suicide prevention care coordinators and case managers, along with resources like gun safety locks. 

Veterans can access same-day help and may qualify for services even without enrolling in VA health care.

7. RHA Health Services

RHA’s Comprehensive Care Center offers mental health and substance use programs for both adults and children, delivered by experienced and compassionate professionals. 

Their programs and services are all designed to meet individuals where they are in their recovery journey. 

Their services include immediate crisis stabilization, same-day access to assessments, outpatient therapy, medication management, and peer support.

They provide specialized support for those with co-occurring developmental disabilities and behavioral health needs in a safe, welcoming environment. 

Their crisis services are particularly robust, featuring a walk-in clinic available Monday through Friday, a behavioral health crisis center open daily, and 24/7 mobile crisis management. 

Additionally, RHA offers clinical assessments, medication-assisted treatment therapies, assertive community treatment, school-based therapy, and more.

Through their services, they ensure a holistic and accessible approach to mental health and substance use care in North Carolina.

Inpatient & Outpatient Mental Health Services in Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC, offers a wide range of inpatient and outpatient mental health services for adolescents, adults, and seniors, ensuring specialized care to meet the needs of its community. 

Inpatient services provided by hospitals in the area include intensive evaluations upon admission, personalized treatment plans, and medication management with regular monitoring. 

Their treatment plans also often incorporate group therapy, recreational activities, and educational sessions, designed to foster understanding and management of their conditions. 

Additionally, many inpatient facilities offer Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) services, which can be a good treatment option for severe cases of depression and other mental health disorders.

Many hospitals in Asheville are equipped to provide a range of supportive services beyond standard psychiatric care. 

These include medical, nursing, social, psychological, educational, and dietician services. 

Recognizing the importance of a well-rounded treatment approach, these hospitals also offer recreational services to aid in the overall well-being of patients. 

Occupational, physical, and speech therapies are available when needed, ensuring that each patient’s unique requirements are met. 

Outpatient mental health services in Asheville are designed to offer flexibility and accessibility, accommodating those who may not require intensive inpatient care. 

Psychotherapy sessions are available on an outpatient basis, providing continuous support for mental health management. 

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) and intensive outpatient Programs (IOP) are available, that offer structured treatment while allowing patients to maintain their daily routines. 

These outpatient programs often incorporate a variety of therapeutic activities to promote holistic healing. 

Music therapy, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, and various other relaxation therapies are commonly included to help patients manage stress and anxiety. 

Additionally, outpatient telehealth services have become increasingly important, offering remote access to mental health care for those unable to attend in-person sessions.

Adolescent Mental Health Facilities in Asheville, NC

Inpatient facilities for adolescents in Asheville provide intensive support and treatment for those experiencing severe mental health issues. 

Like inpatient programs for adults, adolescents inpatient programs also include a thorough examination upon admission for diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan. 

These plans often include medication management, regular monitoring by psychiatrists and mental health professionals, and structured group therapy sessions. 

Inpatient programs also offer individual therapy, allowing adolescents to explore personal issues in a safe and supportive environment. 

Many facilities also provide family therapy to involve parents and guardians in the treatment process, to foster a supportive home environment.

On the other hand, outpatient facilities for adolescents in Asheville offer flexible treatment options that allow them to continue their daily activities while receiving mental health care. 

These facilities include regular psychotherapy sessions, which can be conducted individually or in groups. 

Specialized outpatient programs are also available that focus on issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and behavioral problems, providing targeted interventions..

Many adolescent mental health facilities in Asheville emphasize a collaborative approach, involving schools, families, and community resources to support the young individual’s treatment.

Schools may offer counseling services or work closely with mental health providers to ensure that adolescents receive consistent support across different settings. 

Community-based programs and support groups provide additional care, helping adolescents connect with peers facing similar challenges and building a sense of community and belonging.

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Top Mental Health Doctors & Professionals in Asheville, NC


Asheville has some of the most highly skilled and dedicated mental health professionals in the state, renowned for their expertise in providing exceptional care to patients. 

Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Michael Alan Finch

Dr. Michael Alan Finch is a board-certified psychiatrist specializing in child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry. 

His experience includes working on the inpatient Copestone child and adolescent psychiatric units, giving him deep insights into the specific problems faced by residents in and around Asheville. 

With a holistic approach to wellness, he emphasizes daily exercise, a healthy diet, and mindfulness/meditation in his practice. 

He treats a broad range of issues, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD, using both psychotherapy and medications. 

For appointments and queries, contact him at (828) 536-4530.

2. Lisa J. Ryan

Lisa J. Ryan is a psychiatric nurse practitioner who provides state-of-the-art psycho-pharmacology in an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion. 

She focuses on understanding her patients deeply, considering their past experiences, concerns, and successes. 

Ryan’s practice includes medication management, lifestyle changes, and psychotherapy. Her clinical focus includes mood disorders, trauma, ADHD, sleep disorders, and women’s mental health. 

Specializing in reproductive psychiatry, she treats postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, menopausal mood changes, PMS, and infertility. 

For a free 15-minute consultation, contact her at (828) 949-1299.

3. Peggy O’Hara

Dr. Peggy O’hara is a psychiatrist who specializes in medications for anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, and OCD, believing in their transformative potential. 

With a background in Pediatrics, Adult Psychiatry, and Child Psychiatry, and over 20 years of experience in rural primary care, Dr. Ohara brings wisdom and adaptability to her practice. 

She advocates for digital detox and reconnecting with one’s senses. For support and inspiration in your journey, contact her at (828) 827-4309.

4. Dr. Mona Venzon Rice

Dr. Mona Venzon Rice is a psychiatrist specializing in child psychiatry. She helps children with learning difficulties, behavioral issues, anxiety, trauma, and mood disorders. 

Dr. Rice collaborates with therapists and utilizes careful medication management combined with emotional, social, and educational support to create responsive treatment plans.

A parent herself, she offers empathy, fun, and family involvement, aiming to help children grow through challenges and achieve self-actualization. 

Contact her at (828) 600-4919 for thoughtful and warm medical care.

5. Savannah Hanson

Savannah Hanson is a counselor who specializes in helping individuals who are struggling with anxiety, past traumas, feelings of being overwhelmed, or inadequacy. 

She offers a safe and empathetic environment where clients can explore these issues without judgment. 

Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and person-centered therapy, along with evidence-based somatic techniques, she helps clients reconnect with their thoughts and feelings. 

Savannah is currently accepting new clients with evening availability and offers free 15-minute consultations. For more information, contact her at (828) 222-6131.

6. Sondra Harry

Dr. Sondra Harry is a psychologist who believes in treating each person with respect and understanding, acknowledging their unique needs. 

She offers a range of services, including marriage counseling and treatment for depression and anxiety. As an Imago therapist, she views conflict as an opportunity for growth and healing. 

Sondra feels privileged to support her clients through their healing journeys, which in turn deepens her compassion for others. For more information, contact her at (828) 604-9174.

7. Toya Hauf

Toya Hauf is a clinical social worker who specializes in helping individuals with mood, confidence, relationship, and productivity concerns. 

With a compassionate and results-oriented approach, she supports clients in achieving personal success while addressing anxiety, depression, and maladaptive behaviors. 

Toya brings decades of experience as a business owner and life coach to her psychotherapy practice, offering a strengths-based and integrative approach to therapy. 

She works with a wide range of clients, from young adults transitioning to independence to older adults caring for aging parents. 

Toya is currently offering free 15-minute consultations. For more information, contact her at (828) 826-1418.


1. What to do with a mentally ill family member who refuses treatment?

It’s important to remain supportive and patient towards the mentally ill family member who refuses treatment. 
Try to encourage open communication with them, and seek advice from mental health professionals on possible interventions or legal options for involuntary treatment if necessary.

2. What are some free mental health services in Asheville, NC?

In Asheville, several centers offer free or sliding-scale counseling, emergency hotline psychological services, and specialized services for women. 
NAMI Western Carolina provides no-cost mental health services, supporting individuals with mental illness, their families, caregivers, and friends.

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