9 Best Mental Health Hospitals in Florida

In Florida, a state known for its vibrant culture and diverse population, individuals have access to a diverse range of mental health hospitals and treatment centers.

These facilities offer a variety of services and programs, helping patients to overcome their challenges and achieve a better quality of life.

Treatment programs encompass a wide range of approaches and therapies, including inpatient and outpatient programs, individual and group therapy, and medication management. 

Additionally, alternative therapies such as art and equine therapy are also utilized to support individuals in their mental health journey.

Treatment plans are designed to meet the unique needs of each patient, taking into account their specific mental health concerns, medical history, and personal preferences.

In this article, we will provide an overview of mental health hospitals in Florida, including their services, programs, and treatment options. 

We will also highlight some of the best medical and mental health professionals in Florida, as well as their commitment to providing high-quality care to their patients. 

Whether you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, this guide will serve as a valuable resource in your search for the best mental health hospital in Florida.

Best Mental Health Hospitals in Florida

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Below are some of the leading mental health hospitals in Florida, offering care and support for individuals facing behavioral health challenges. 

These hospitals provide a range of services, including inpatient and outpatient programs, specialized care for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors, and evidence-based therapies.

1. Central Florida Behavioral Hospital

Central Florida Behavioral Hospital serves as a beacon of assistance and optimism for individuals dealing with mental health and substance abuse disorders. 

Their comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs are specialized to meet the diverse needs of children, adolescents, and adults seeking recovery. 

Through evidence-based therapies, they provide treatments and supportive services to guide patients along the path to wellness. 

Inpatient care options include programs such as the affective disorder program, dual diagnosis treatment, and persistent mental illness program. 

Additionally, outpatient programs such as partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and electroconvulsive therapy are available. 

They also offer telehealth services for added convenience.

2. South Florida State Hospital

South Florida State Hospital (SFSH) caters to severely and persistently mentally ill adults who require involuntary hospitalization due to ineffective community treatment alternatives. 

The hospital’s non-institutional atmosphere fosters a more favorable mental healthcare experience for patients and their families, playing a pivotal role in their treatment and recovery journey. 

Life skills programs, educational initiatives, an addictions program, dining facilities, and recreational amenities are housed in the complex, contributing to the holistic care approach. 

3. UF Health Psychiatric Hospital

UF Health Psychiatric Hospital, situated on a serene 18-acre campus, offers solace and support to individuals facing crises. 

Their 81-bed facility provides comprehensive and confidential mental health services, ensuring effective treatment for all patients. 

The hospital comprises specialized units catering to different demographics, including children/ adolescents, adults with addiction concerns, psychiatric patients, and geriatric individuals. 

Treatment modalities typically include medication management, group therapy sessions, and case management services, aimed at facilitating the patient’s reintegration into the community.

4. Port St. Lucie Hospital

Port St. Lucie Hospital stands as the premier adult mental health and co-occurring substance abuse center for treatment on the Treasure Coast. 

Situated amidst the scenic beauty of the Savannas Preserve, this 75-bed inpatient mental health facility spans 20 acres, providing a peaceful environment conducive to healing. 

Staffed by licensed professionals from diverse disciplines, the hospital offers round-the-clock mental health services ensuring comprehensive care for patients. 

With programs to meet individual needs, including a 28-day inpatient treatment program for those with dual diagnosis concerns, it ensures that each patient receives personalized attention and support. 

Their range of programs includes the adult mental health program, partial hospitalization program, crisis care services, family behavioral health services, and senior adult program

5. Larkin Community Hospital Behavioral Health Services

Larkin Community Hospital Behavioral Health Services, part of the Larkin Health System, operates across South Miami, Hialeah, and Hollywood, Florida. 

Accredited by the Joint Commission, their healthcare network offers a comprehensive range of services, including inpatient and outpatient care, as well as home health agencies. 

Specializing in outpatient and inpatient services, their programs cater to individuals experiencing difficulties at home or school, crisis intervention needs, or risk to themselves or others. 

They prioritize creating a warm atmosphere tailored to each patient and family, offering therapy, psychiatry services, and inpatient care along with transitional support for long-term stabilization. 

Their approach emphasizes education on medication, drug prevention, social skills, psycho-education, and support groups to ensure holistic care.

6. Northeast Florida State Hospital

Northeast Florida State Hospital (NEFSH), situated in Macclenny, Florida, has served individuals with severe and persistent mental illness since its inception in 1959. 

With funding for 613 beds, it’s among three state-owned facilities offering inpatient psychiatric care in Florida. 

NEFSH provides 24-hour residential care encompassing treatment, housing, meals, access to professionals, physical health care, transportation, and psychotropic medications. 

Recognized for excellence with accolades like the Governor’s Sterling Award, NEFSH prioritizes comprehensive mental health treatment services and seamless transitions to the community. 

7. Morton Plant North Bay Hospital- Recovery Center

Morton Plant North Bay Hospital Recovery Center, a part of BayCare Health System, offers comprehensive nursing care for children, adolescents, and adults. 

With a 72-bed inpatient psychiatric unit for adults and 25 pediatric beds, they provide 24-hour nursing care for adults struggling with behavioral disorders and addictions. 

Their expert team comprises psychiatrists, social workers, registered nurses, case managers, and mental health technicians. 

As the sole freestanding Baker Act-receiving private psychiatric hospital in Pasco County, it ensures immediate assessment, stabilization, triage, and inpatient care of the patients. 

Their services cater to individuals of all ages with mental health disorders and co-occurring substance abuse disorders, offering a wide range of treatments tailored to each patient’s needs.

8. HCA Florida Capital Hospital

HCA Florida Capital Hospital’s Behavioral Health Center prioritizes addressing mental health care needs with a continuum of care ranging from acute phase intervention to ongoing maintenance. 

Their 24-bed, 14,000-square-foot facility ensures a safe and comfortable environment, featuring both private and semi-private rooms. 

They offer a partial hospitalization program with 35 hours of therapy per week for patients aged 18 and up, along with an intensive outpatient program providing 15 hours of therapy per week. 

Additionally, an adolescent intensive outpatient program is available for participants aged 13 to 17, offering 12 hours of therapy weekly. 

The center also extends a substance abuse intensive outpatient program. 

Led by experienced psychiatrists overseeing medication management and therapy programs, their schedules focus on equipping individuals with strategies to manage their conditions effectively.

9. North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital

North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital is one of Tampa’s top mental health treatment facilities, offering a non-institutional environment designed to foster comfort and focus on treatment. 

Their inpatient treatment center caters to adults struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, and various mental health concerns. 

Through a comprehensive array of inpatient and outpatient programs, they provide a full continuum of care for adults and senior adults. 

Their services span medically assisted detox and inpatient treatment to outpatient care, encompassing a partial hospitalization program and an intensive outpatient program.

List of Top Medical Professionals in Florida


Here are some of the top mental health professionals in Florida, dedicated to providing compassionate care and support for individuals seeking help with their mental well-being.

1. Dinar Sajan

Dinar Sajan specializes in treating a wide range of mental health conditions, including ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse. 

She offers advanced treatments such as NeuroStar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and Spravato nasal spray for treatment-resistant depression. 

For inquiries and appointments, contact Dinar Sajan at (941) 304-4256.

2. Nesrin Abu Ata

Nesrin Abu Ata, a psychiatrist with 15 years of experience, emphasizes mind-body integration in her practice, incorporating nutrition, movement, meditation, and medication management. 

She offers telepsychiatry appointments and specializes in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) as part of the mental health toolkit. 

For a free 15-minute consultation, call her at (321) 342-2974.

3. Ryan Deen

Ryan Deen completed his psychiatry residency at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center at Columbia University School of Medicine. 

He focuses on helping adults with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, and ADHD, utilizing assessment, psychoeducation, and various treatment modalities. 

He has experience across various treatment settings, including emergency departments, acute inpatient, outpatient, and long-term residential programs.

He offers transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as a treatment option and stays updated on new psychiatry treatments to provide patients with the best options available. 

For consultations, contact Ryan Deen at (855) 937-4385.

4. Debbie Mock

Debbie Mock, an experienced psychiatric nurse practitioner, specializes in helping individuals rediscover self-love and regain control of their lives. 

If you find yourself overwhelmed, lacking energy, or struggling with self-medication, Debbie offers support to guide you back on track. 

With appointments available within two to three days and delivered via telehealth, Debbie is here to provide compassionate care. 

For a free 15-minute consultation, reach out to Debbie Mock at (813) 773-1332.

5. Dr. Christy Vadakkan

Dr. Christy Vadakkan, a psychiatrist, completed her medical training at esteemed institutions including the University of Miami and Nova Southeastern University. 

Specializing in depression, anxiety, and ADHD, Dr. Vadakkan is committed to providing comprehensive care to her patients. 

Her hands-on approach and dedication to education underscore her passion for psychiatry. To schedule an appointment or for inquiries, contact Dr. Christy Vadakkan at (954) 324-2388.

6. Dr. Victoria Meraz

Dr. Victoria Meraz is a licensed clinical psychologist, with a doctoral degree from the California School of Professional Psychology.

She has extensive experience helping clients navigate various life challenges, including identity exploration, relationship issues, grief/loss, and work-life balance. 

Dr. Meraz is dedicated to providing culturally competent and affirming therapy, particularly for LGBTQ+ and Latinx individuals. 

For a complimentary 15-minute consultation, contact Dr. Victoria Meraz at (415) 968-0070.

7. Felicia D Flowers

Felicia D Flowers, a licensed professional counselor with 27 years of experience, empowers individuals to rediscover their inner strength and confidence. 

Using a solution-focused and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach, Felicia helps clients identify and develop the skills necessary to overcome their unique challenges. 

Specializing in depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and grief, Felicia offers tailored support to both youth and adults. 

Additionally, she provides specialized assistance to caregivers, particularly women, guiding them to overcome feelings of guilt, isolation, and overwhelming stress. 

For inquiries and to begin your journey towards empowerment, reach out to Felicia D Flowers at (850) 407-6097.

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Benefits of Treating Mental Health Issues in Florida

Treating mental health issues in Florida offers numerous benefits owing to the state’s diverse array of treatment facilities and therapeutic approaches. 

Firstly, Florida has a variety of mental health treatment centers, ranging from state-of-the-art hospitals to specialized clinics and outpatient programs.

This ensures that individuals have access to a wide range of services tailored to their specific needs. 

These facilities offer therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), among others.

These evidence-based therapies provide patients with effective tools to address their mental health concerns.

Moreover, Florida’s favorable climate and scenic surroundings contribute to creating a healing environment conducive to mental wellness. 

Many treatment centers in Florida are located in tranquil settings, offering serene landscapes and outdoor recreational activities that promote relaxation and stress reduction.

Moreover, Florida’s culturally diverse population ensures that services are culturally competent and inclusive, with providers trained to address the unique backgrounds of diverse communities.

Furthermore, Florida’s commitment to mental health advocacy and legislation promotes access to quality care and supports initiatives aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness. 

State-funded programs and initiatives focus on increasing awareness, expanding access to care, and improving the overall mental health infrastructure.

Therefore, by seeking treatment for mental health issues in Florida, individuals can benefit from a supportive approach to care that fosters long-term recovery.

Types of Mental Health Conditions Treated in Florida

In Florida, mental health facilities offer treatment for a wide range of mental health conditions to address the diverse needs of individuals seeking care. 

These conditions include mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders like GAD, panic disorder, and OCD, as well as psychotic disorders like schizophrenia.

Additionally, the mental health facilities here also specialize in treating trauma-related disorders, as well as substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. 

Through evidence-based therapies, medication management, and holistic approaches, these facilities support individuals in their journey toward mental wellness and recovery.


1. Is Florida good for mental health?

While Florida does offer mental health facilities and services, there is room for improvement in the state’s mental health care system.

2. What is Florida ranked in mental health?

According to Mental Health America, Florida ranks 49th in the nation for access to mental health care.

3. How do you get someone admitted to a mental hospital in Florida?

To admit someone to a mental hospital in Florida, individuals typically need to contact the hospital directly or go through an emergency department if the situation is urgent. 

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