10 Best Mental Health Hospitals in Illinois [The Reviews]

In the United States, mental health conditions have affected a substantial number of adults, with around 51.5 million experiencing some form of mental illness annually. This fact emphasizes the crucial role of mental health facilities.

As a result, the need for these facilities continues to rise, with approximately 56% of American adults with mental illness not receiving the necessary treatment. This result also highlights the urgent need for expanded mental health resources and Improved access to care nationwide. 

However, mental health hospitals in Illinois play a crucial role in addressing the mental health needs of individuals in the state.

They serve as specialized facilities where individuals with severe mental health conditions can receive comprehensive and intensive treatment.

These hospitals have well-trained professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, and social workers, who provide evidence-based therapies, medication management, and patient support. Read on to learn more about the mental health hospitals in Illinois.

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What to Expect from the Mental Health Hospitals in Illinois

In the USA, mental illnesses have a significant impact on individuals’ emotional, psychological, and social well-being, often affecting their behavior. Conditions like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and mood or personality disorders are common examples.

Treatment facilities for mental health vary across the country, ranging from specialized hospitals to outpatient clinics. In 2020, there were 12,275 registered mental health treatment facilities in the USA.

However, despite the availability of these facilities, the National Institute of Mental Health reported that only 64.5 percent of individuals with severe psychiatric illnesses received treatment in the same year.

In Illinois, mental health hospitals play a critical role in addressing the significant mental health needs of its population.

With over 12.9 million people residing in the state, nearly 3.21% of adults are living with severe mental health conditions, as reported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

However, when seeking treatment at a mental health hospital in Illinois, individuals can expect a range of essential components that contribute to their overall well-being and recovery.

First and foremost, mental health hospitals in Illinois prioritize providing patients with a safe and secure environment. These facilities adhere to strict safety protocols to ensure the well-being of individuals receiving treatment.

This includes trained staff members who are available around the clock to address any emergencies or concerns that may arise.

Additionally, mental health hospitals in Illinois offer a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.

A team of highly skilled healthcare professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, nurses, and social workers, collaborate to develop personalized treatment plans for each patient.

These plans may include a combination of therapy modalities such as individual counseling, group therapy, family therapy, and evidence-based interventions tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals with different mental health conditions.

Furthermore, mental health hospitals prioritize medication management for those who require pharmacological interventions.

Psychiatrists work closely with patients to assess their medication needs, monitor their response to medication, and adjust treatment plans accordingly.

This process ensures patients receive the appropriate medications to manage their symptoms effectively and enhance their overall well-being.

In addition to therapy and medication management, mental health hospitals in Illinois often offer various therapeutic activities and programs. These may include art therapy, recreational therapy, mindfulness practices, and life skills training.

Such activities promote self-expression and emotional regulation and provide individuals with the tools to cope with daily challenges outside the hospital setting.

Moreover, mental health hospitals in Illinois recognize the importance of continued support and aftercare.

They typically plan discharge and connect patients with community resources and outpatient services to ensure a smooth transition from the Hospital to their daily lives.

Overall, individuals can expect a comprehensive and holistic approach to treatment when seeking care at mental health hospitals in Illinois. Let’s examine the best mental health hospitals in Illinois and their services.

Best Mental Health Hospitals in Illinois 

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1. Northwestern Medicine-Northwestern Memorial Hospital Psychiatry, Streeterville Neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois

Northwestern Medicine-Northwestern Memorial Hospital Psychiatry is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate mental health services to needy patients.

With a focus on evidence-based treatments and a multidisciplinary approach, the Hospital strives to meet the diverse needs of individuals struggling with mental health conditions. These are the services they offer:

Inpatient Care: Their expert team of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, and social workers work together to provide 24/7 monitoring, medication management, therapy, and support.

Patients receive personalized care plans tailored to their specific needs, ensuring a holistic approach to recovery.

Outpatient Services: The Hospital also offers a range of outpatient services to support individuals in managing their mental health conditions while living in the community.

These services include psychiatric evaluation, individual therapy, group therapy, medication management, and intensive outpatient programs.

Specialized Programs: Northwestern Memorial Hospital Psychiatry recognizes the unique needs of different populations and offers technical programs tailored to specific demographics.

These include programs for children and adolescents, older adults, individuals struggling with addiction and substance abuse, and those with co-occurring mental health and medical conditions.

People have praised the inpatient care services at Northwestern Memorial Hospital Psychiatry for their attentive and compassionate staff.

More so, their outpatient programs are a comprehensive and personalized approach that empowers individuals to develop coping strategies and achieve their mental health goals.

Additionally, their specialized programs are excellent due to the staff’s ability to address complex mental health issues and provide a supportive community for individuals who may feel isolated or misunderstood.

2. Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Psychiatry, Dempster St, Park Ridge, IL

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Psychiatry offers exceptional mental health services to its patients.

Their team of experienced professionals employs a patient-centered approach, striving to provide compassionate care tailored to individual needs.

With a commitment to cutting-edge treatments and a supportive environment, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Psychiatry aims to empower patients on their journey to mental well-being.

Additionally, the hospital offers a comprehensive range of mental health services, including psychiatric evaluations, individual and group therapy sessions, medication management, and crisis intervention.

Additionally, they focus on holistic care, incorporating therapeutic modalities to address diverse mental health challenges and promote lasting recovery.

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Psychiatry provides inpatient services with 24/7 monitoring, structured therapy, and a multidisciplinary approach for those requiring intensive support.

On the outpatient side, they offer flexible programs that enable individuals to receive expert care while maintaining their daily routines.

Whether inpatient or outpatient, the goal remains consistent: fostering mental health and supporting individuals in reclaiming their lives.

Patients consistently praise Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Psychiatry for its compassionate staff, effective treatments, and welcoming atmosphere.

Many highlight the personalized care they receive, emphasizing the positive impact on their mental health journeys.

The Hospital’s commitment to patient empowerment and its focus on collaboration between healthcare professionals and individuals seeking help resonates well within the community. 

3. Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage, Winfield, Illinois

Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital is a renowned medical facility that excels in providing a comprehensive range of mental health services.

With a solid commitment to patient well-being, the Hospital offers a wide array of treatment options to cater to individuals struggling with various mental health conditions. 

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment: Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment options to address the diverse needs of individuals seeking mental health support. 

Individual and Group Therapy: The Hospital recognizes the importance of therapy in promoting mental health and offers individual and group therapy sessions. 

Medication Management: Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital recognizes that medication can be essential to mental health treatment.

Their team of experienced psychiatrists and healthcare professionals provides comprehensive medication management services, ensuring patients receive the proper medications at the appropriate dosages to support their recovery.

The compassionate staff at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital has garnered praise for their dedication to patient care.

Patients and their families have consistently commended the Hospital’s healthcare professionals for their empathy, understanding, and professionalism.

The staff’s ability to create a supportive and nurturing environment is critical to the Hospital’s success.

4. Rush University Medical Center, W Harrison St, Chicago, IL

Rush University Medical Center is a renowned institution that has gained recognition for its cutting-edge research and expertise in mental health.

With a commitment to excellence, the medical center offers a comprehensive range of services to address the diverse needs of individuals seeking mental health support. 

Psychiatric Evaluations: Rush University Medical Center excels in conducting thorough psychiatric evaluations to diagnose and assess individuals’ mental health conditions accurately.

These evaluations involve a comprehensive assessment of symptoms, medical history, and personal circumstances, enabling medical professionals to develop personalized treatment plans.

Medication Management: Recognizing the importance of medication in mental health treatment, the medical center boasts a team of knowledgeable psychiatrists and healthcare professionals specializing in medication management.

They closely monitor patients’ progress, adjust medication dosages as needed, and ensure patients receive the most effective and appropriate medications to support their recovery.

Psychotherapy: Rush University Medical Center offers various psychotherapeutic approaches to cater to individual needs.

They provide evidence-based therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and psychodynamic therapy.

These therapies help individuals develop coping mechanisms, address underlying issues, and promote overall psychological well-being.

Patients value the medical professionals’ depth of knowledge, instilling confidence and trust in their ability to provide high-quality care.

The staff’s dedication to staying updated with the latest research and treatment modalities helps patients receive the best care.

5. Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital, 1650 Moon Lake Blvd, Hoffman Estates

Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital provides a comprehensive range of mental health services for individuals of all age groups, including adults, adolescents, and children.

With a focus on holistic care, the Hospital offers a variety of programs and specialized services to address a wide range of mental health conditions. 

Inpatient and Outpatient Programs: Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital offers both inpatient and outpatient programs to cater to the varying needs of individuals seeking mental health treatment.

Their inpatient programs provide intensive care and support for individuals who require a higher level of treatment. In contrast, outpatient programs allow flexibility and continued support while individuals maintain their daily routines.

Addiction Treatment: Recognizing the importance of addressing addiction as a part of mental health care, the Hospital offers specialized addiction treatment programs.

These programs utilize evidence-based approaches and provide support for individuals struggling with substance abuse, helping them navigate their recovery journey in a safe and supportive environment.

Specialized Services: The Hospital provides technical services to address specific mental health conditions.

Their programs for trauma, mood disorders, and eating disorders are in line to meet the unique needs of individuals dealing with these conditions.

These specialized services incorporate a multidisciplinary approach, including therapy, medication management, and other evidence-based interventions.

Positive reviews of Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital often highlight the compassionate and caring staff.

The Hospital prides itself on having a team of dedicated professionals who go above and beyond to provide support and comfort to their patients.

The staff’s empathy and understanding contribute to a positive treatment experience and foster a sense of trust and safety. 

6. Presence Health Mercy Medical Center, 1325 N. Highland Avenue, Aurora, IL

Presence Health Mercy Medical Center is a leading healthcare institution prioritizing comprehensive behavioral health services.

The Hospital’s dedication to addressing mental health extends across a spectrum of care, encompassing inpatient and outpatient programs.

Whether through crisis intervention or community outreach initiatives, Presence Health Mercy Medical Center is committed to fostering a supportive environment for those seeking mental health assistance.

The Hospital’s focus on effective treatment underscores its commitment to providing quality care for individuals facing behavioral health challenges.

One of the notable strengths of Presence Health Mercy Medical Center lies in its compassionate and skilled staff. Patient reviews consistently highlight the caring nature of the professionals employed at the facility.

This emphasis on empathy and understanding contributes significantly to the overall positive experience of patients, creating an atmosphere conducive to healing and recovery.

The Hospital’s commitment to patient-centered care is evident in every aspect of its behavioral health services, reinforcing its reputation as a trusted healthcare provider in the region.

In the broader context of community impact, Presence Health Mercy Medical Center extends its reach beyond the hospital walls.

Through robust community outreach programs, the institution actively engages with residents to raise awareness about mental health and provide valuable resources.

This proactive approach aligns with the Hospital’s mission to treat individuals within its facilities and contribute to the overall well-being of the community it serves.

Presence Health Mercy Medical Center stands as a beacon of excellence in behavioral health, fostering a holistic approach to healthcare that extends far beyond traditional medical practices.

7. Swedish Hospital, 5140 N California Ave. Chicago, Illinois

Swedish Hospital is a cornerstone for comprehensive mental health services catering to diverse needs.

The facility extends its support through a continuum of care, encompassing inpatient services, outpatient therapy, and specialized assistance for those grappling with addiction.

Patients commend the institution for its professional expertise and the welcoming environment fostered by comfortable facilities, creating a healing space for those seeking mental health support.

The Hospital’s dedication to holistic care is reflected in its multifaceted approach, acknowledging the nuances of mental health challenges.

Whether through inpatient care providing intensive support or outpatient therapy facilitating more flexible treatment, Swedish Hospital remains steadfast in its mission to enhance the well-being of individuals navigating mental health concerns and addiction issues.

8. Amita Health Alexian Brothers Women and Children’s Hospital, 1555 Barrington Rd, Hoffman Estates, IL 

Amita Health Alexian Brothers Women and Children’s Hospital is a beacon of specialized care, particularly excelling in mental health services for women and children.

With a dedicated focus on perinatal mood disorders, postpartum depression, and child and adolescent psychiatry, the Hospital has positioned itself as a crucial resource for individuals navigating these delicate phases of life.

The institution’s commitment to addressing the unique mental health needs of women and children is evident in the diverse range of programs it offers, ensuring a comprehensive approach to care.

The hospital has garnered a reputation for its unwavering support and compassion, with positive reviews underscoring the exceptional quality of its staff.

Patients commend the hospital’s nurturing environment and specialized attention, highlighting the importance of tailored care for women and children facing mental health challenges.

The family-friendly atmosphere further sets Amita Health Alexian Brothers Women and Children’s Hospital apart, creating a healing space that not only attends to the specific needs of patients but also recognizes the integral role of family support in the journey toward mental well-being.

9. Silver Cross Hospital, New Lenox, Illinois

Silver Cross Hospital stands out as a beacon of support for mental health, providing a comprehensive array of services to cater to diverse needs.

The hospital’s commitment to holistic care is evident through its well-rounded offerings, encompassing inpatient care, outpatient programs, and specialized treatments tailored for seniors.

The facility has earned acclaim from patients who commend the knowledgeable and compassionate staff, highlighting their pivotal role in fostering a therapeutic environment. 

Beyond the team’s expertise, the Hospital’s comfortable facilities provide a nurturing atmosphere, enhancing the patient experience.

The effectiveness of the treatments administered at Silver Cross Hospital further underscores its dedication to achieving positive mental health outcomes for those in its care.

Patients at Silver Cross Hospital consistently express gratitude for the institution’s unwavering commitment to mental health and well-being.

Moreover, the hospital’s emphasis on comprehensive care is evident through its diverse services, covering inpatient care, outpatient programs, and specialized treatment options tailored specifically for seniors.

Additionally, the Hospital’s comfortable facilities contribute to the overall positive experience, promoting well-being. Silver Cross Hospital’s dedication to achieving effective treatment outcomes underscores its status as a trusted and reliable resource in mental health services.

10. Heartland Alliance Health, 1015 West Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, IL 

Heartland Alliance Health offers comprehensive mental health services to individuals of all ages.

They have a team of experienced professionals who are committed to supporting adults, young adults, and seniors aged 65 or older through trauma therapy, individual psychotherapy, and integrated dual-diagnosis disorder treatment.

Heartland Alliance Health also acknowledges and understands the unique challenges faced by individuals dealing with serious mental illness, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and those who require dual diagnosis treatment.

To address these challenges, they provide specialized programs and evidence-based therapies tailored to meet each person’s needs. This service ensures that they receive the highest quality care and support.

Additionally, they offer supplementary programs to enhance their clients’ overall well-being.

Their mentoring and peer support services create a sense of community and connection, allowing individuals to share their experiences and provide support to one another.

Furthermore, their chronic disease and illness management program assists individuals in effectively managing their physical health alongside their mental well-being.

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Additional Mental Health Treatments Offered in Illinois

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In mental health hospitals in Illinois, there are several additional treatments offered to individuals seeking mental health care.

Here are some examples:

1. Clean Start Program

This program provides a healing environment for individuals challenged by substance abuse and helps them work towards lasting recovery and control over substance use.

It is used as an alternative or supplement to a 12-step approach used in other substance abuse treatment models.

The program is 6 to 8 weeks long and focuses on understanding substance use from a biopsychosocial perspective. It covers relapse risks, problem-solving, assertiveness, relaxation, stress management, and family dynamics.

2. Aftercare

Mental health hospitals in Illinois often provide aftercare services to support individuals after completing their treatment programs.

These services may include ongoing therapy, support groups, and assistance transitioning to daily life. Aftercare is essential to long-term recovery and helps individuals maintain their progress and prevent relapse.

These additional treatments do not end there; let’s discuss the other health treatments as well.

Other Health Treatments that are Well-Known in Illinois

In addition to the earlier treatments, other health treatments are well-known in mental health facilities in Illinois. 

1. Advance Directives: Mental health facilities in Illinois recognize the importance of advance directives, such as a Power of Attorney for Health Care.

This legal document allows individuals to appoint someone as their healthcare agent to make medical decisions if they cannot. Advance directives ensure that an individual’s healthcare preferences are respected and followed.

2. Developmental Disability Services: Mental health facilities in Illinois may provide services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Developmental disabilities are severe, chronic disabilities that impair general intellectual functioning or adaptive behavior. These services aim to support individuals with developmental disabilities in self-care, language, learning, mobility, and independent living.

3. Expanded Access to Mental Healthcare: Illinois has taken steps to expand access to mental healthcare services.

Legislation has been enacted to make bold changes in mental healthcare services, ensuring all Illinoisans have access to the care they need.

4. Medication and Counseling: Mental health facilities in Illinois may offer medications and counseling as part of their treatment programs.

The doctors mainly prescribe medications to manage mental health conditions, while counselors provide individuals with a supportive and therapeutic environment to address their mental health concerns.

5. Overdose Action Plan: Illinois has implemented an Overdose Action Plan to address the opioid crisis and reduce overdose deaths.

This plan includes measures such as increasing access to naloxone, expanding treatment options, and improving coordination among various agencies and organizations involved in addressing substance use disorders.

6. Support from Medicaid: Mental health facilities in Illinois may accept Medicaid, which provides health coverage to low-income individuals and families.

Medicaid can help individuals access mental health services, including outpatient treatment and aftercare.

Overall, mental health hospitals in Illinois are effectively meeting the needs of citizens. However, leverage BetterHelp to gain access to qualified mental health doctors in Illinois. Moreover, it will further enhance your access to quality mental healthcare facilities.


Which Hospital is the best for mental health?

McLean Hospital, a prestigious member of Mass General Brigham and the esteemed psychiatric affiliate of Harvard Medical School, has secured its position as America’s top-ranking institution for psychiatric care, per the respected U.S.

News and World Report annual “Best Hospitals” survey results. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, McLean Hospital is a beacon of hope and healing, providing unparalleled medical expertise and compassionate support to individuals seeking mental health treatment.

Where does Illinois rank in mental health care?

According to the Adult Ranking of 2022, Illinois ranks number ten in mental health care.

What are the three stages of psychosis?

The three stages of psychosis are often referred to as the prodromal stage, the acute stage, and the recovery stage. During the prodromal phase, individuals may experience subtle changes in thoughts, perceptions, and behavior.

The presence of prominent psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations and delusions, characterizes the acute stage recovery stage, which involves stabilization and the reduction of symptoms through treatment and support.

Can a mentally unstable person be cured?

Mental health conditions can be managed and treated effectively, allowing individuals to lead fulfilling lives.

While some states may not have a cure, appropriate treatment, including therapy, medication, and support, can significantly improve symptoms and quality of life.

Individuals must seek professional help and develop a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to their needs.

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