5 Best Mental Health Hospitals in Las Vegas Nevada

Mental health problems have become a bigger worry in Las Vegas, Nevada, especially since COVID-19 started. 

Studies show that more adults in Nevada are feeling anxious and depressed compared to the national average. In 2023, 38.4% of adults in Nevada felt this way, while nationwide it was 32.3%. 

Things like being isolated, having money problems, and not knowing what will happen during the pandemic make this worse.

Across the country, COVID-19 has also made more people use drugs and have overdoses. We don’t have exact numbers for Las Vegas, but similar things are likely happening there too.

Even with all these problems, mental health hospitals in Las Vegas are really important.

They give special care, treatment, and support to people dealing with these issues. If you want to know more about mental health places in Las Vegas, just keep reading.

Best Mental Health Hospitals in Las Vegas Nevada

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Here are some of Las Vegas Nevada’s top mental health hospitals, assisting those dealing with behavioral health issues. 

These facilities offer various services, such as both inpatient and outpatient programs.

1. Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, located at 3247 South Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas, offers a strong program for adults dealing with serious mental health issues.

They have 152 beds for patients who need to stay overnight. This program provides constant monitoring, therapy sessions, help with medication, and support to help people feel better. 

The hospital has a team of caring professionals who are experts in mental health. 

They also have special services for teenagers dealing with things like post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health problems. 

Besides the inpatient program, they offer outpatient services like day programs and programs where you visit regularly for treatment. 

They even have a special unit for kids and teenagers with special needs or who may be a danger to themselves or others. 

And if you need help figuring out what kind of treatment you need, they’re available to do mental health assessments any time, day or night.

2. Seven Hills Behavioral Health Hospital

Seven Hills Behavioral Health Hospital in Nevada is well-known for providing excellent healthcare. 

They focus on helping adults, teenagers, and older people who are dealing with mental health problems and addiction. 

Their inpatient programs are very thorough and cover many different conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and addiction. 

Seven Hills believes in treating the whole person, so they create a peaceful and therapeutic environment to help people get better. 

The staff there are always ready to help and support each patient. They work with them to develop healthy habits, find new interests, and learn how to cope better. 

If you choose Seven Hills Hospital, you’re choosing top-quality treatment for mental health and addiction problems, making sure you get the best care possible.

3. Southern Hills Hospital

Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas, NV, has been awarded Best Hospital three times. They provide both inpatient and outpatient mental health services for adults and adolescents. 

In their inpatient adult mental health program, they offer seven interactive groups each day tailored to your specific treatment objectives. 

You’ll also have daily meetings with licensed therapists and sessions with a board-certified psychiatrist. 

For adolescents facing mental health and behavioral difficulties, they provide round-the-clock treatment. 

Their mental health plans are thorough, including evaluations of the mind, body, and social aspects of each patient. 

With a team of dedicated mental healthcare professionals, they offer a comprehensive approach to mental healthcare.

4. Spring Mountain Sahara

Spring Mountain Sahara consistently earns The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval®, a mark of excellence in patient care. 

They offer various services tailored to adults, seniors, and adolescents, including inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient programs, emergency mental health services, and treatment for mental health conditions and substance abuse disorders. 

Specific programs like the Adult & Senior Inpatient Program and Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program, they focus on different age groups and their unique needs. 

Operating as a for-profit facility, Spring Mountain Sahara provides customized treatment approaches. 

Their team comprises over 15 board-certified psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, therapists, and case managers dedicated to overseeing your progress. 

They also offer medically supervised detox to aid in safely quitting drugs or alcohol. 

If you or someone you know needs help with mental health or substance abuse issues, Spring Mountain Sahara is worth considering.

5. North Vista Hospital

North Vista Hospital has set up two specialized units to address different mental health needs. 

One unit, with 40 beds, is dedicated to geropsychiatric care, focusing on the elderly. Another unit, with 34 beds, caters to adults aged 18 and above with mental health issues.

These units provide a range of services, including psychiatric assessment and treatment, recreational therapy, and various forms of psychotherapy for individuals, families, and groups. 

They also offer education for patients and families about diagnoses, treatment options, and medications.

The hospital is equipped to handle medical emergencies around the clock. Their modern Emergency Department features private triage areas, bedside registration, and comfortable treatment rooms. 

They can address a variety of medical conditions, from respiratory and digestive issues to orthopedic needs.

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Top Mental Health Doctors in Las Vegas Nevada

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1. Dr. Kit Didericksen

Dr. Kit Didericksen is a Marriage & Family Therapist & Clinical Professional Counselor with 16 years of experience. 

She specializes in treating ADHD, anxiety, relationship issues, self-esteem, depression, eating disorders, family conflict, trauma, and PTSD.

As a therapist, Dr. Didericksen focuses on promoting holistic healing, fostering insight, strengthening important relationships, and helping clients build the life they desire. 

She is trained in EMDR and Discernment Counseling, and she serves as an AAMFT-approved supervisor and supervision mentor.

To inquire about appointments, individuals can contact her at (725) 215-6499.


Dr. NAOH PETER, PMHNP, is a certified psychiatric, mental health nurse practitioner. 

He has experience assisting clients with a range of concerns, including depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, addiction, alcoholism, and eating disorders, as well as those seeking personal growth.

Dr. Peter offers therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), family therapy, and individual psychotherapy. 

He blends medical expertise with compassionate, patient-centered care as an open-minded practitioner. He aims to empower individuals to attain mental wellness, resilience, and personal growth.

3. Dr. Rosa Bellota 

Dr. Rosa Bellota is a psychiatrist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She obtained her medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine and has been practicing for over 20 years, specializing in mental health. 

Dr. Bellota has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating various mental illnesses, including anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, and other conditions.

What Types of Conditions Do Mental Health Hospitals in Las Vegas Treat?

Las Vegas, known for its lively atmosphere, also values mental health.  The city has mental health hospitals that offer a safe space for people dealing with various issues.

These issues include mood disorders like depression and anxiety, substance abuse problems, OCD(which is when you feel like you have to do certain things over and over), and psychotic disorders like schizophrenia

Additionally, these hospitals specialize in treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and dual diagnosis cases, where mental health issues co-occur with substance abuse

Through proven therapies, medication management, and support, these facilities help individuals progress to mental well-being and recovery.

However, there are some platforms available that offer online mental health care. 

They often collaborate with these hospitals to ensure everyone can access help, even if they have limited financial resources.

BetterHelp is a highly-rated online mental health platform designed to support your mental well-being. 

This platform offers convenient online access to licensed therapists, making it an efficient option for seeking mental healthcare support. 

Simply sign up and connect with a licensed therapist to find the support you need for your mental health.


Is mental health care free in Nevada?

Mental health care in Nevada may or may not be free, depending on various factors such as your insurance coverage, income level, and the specific services you need.
Some mental health services may be covered by insurance or offered at reduced costs through state or community programs.
It’s best to check with your insurance provider or local mental health resources for information on affordability and available options.

Does Nevada have a state mental hospital?

Nevada doesn’t have one big state mental hospital. Instead, mental health services are spread out across different places. There are regional facilities and community programs that offer help.
This might include places like outpatient clinics, short stays in hospitals for treatment, and centers for urgent help during crises.”

What is the 72-hour psych hold in Las Vegas?

The 72-hour hold, also known as involuntary commitment, is when someone can be kept in a mental health facility for up to 3 days if they’re seen as a risk to themselves or others.
This hold can be started by the police, mental health experts, or family members. It aims to quickly assess and treat the person to protect them from harm.

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