The 7 Best Crystals for Mental Health

Are you looking for natural remedies for treating mental health conditions? In this guide, we discuss the 7 best crystals for mental health and show you which one to get for your condition.


The first writings of crystal healing date back to 400 BC. Yes, people have been using these wonderful stones in healing remedies since ancient times and lots of cultures and even some medical professionals swear by these natural remedies to this very day.

Crystals are made up of all sorts of materials and since stones differ in composition and hue, they are believed to have different healing capabilities. These stones are not just beautiful, they are used as an alternative medicine for treating a great many misalignments including mental illness.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at the best crystals for mental health. These stones can be wonderful supplementary treatments to add to your current treatment to help you feel better and healthier despite your condition.


Let’s Take a Look at The Best Crystals for Mental Health

There are a huge variety of crystals out there that lots of people swear by.  People have been using gemstones for healing purposes since the oldest of times and have studied and tried many different types. But when it comes to mental health, the following 7 might just offer you the most benefits.



Lepidolite is a favorite crystal for anxiety sufferers because the lavender stone has soothing and calming healing power. This beautiful stone is also often used to help people work through the trauma and restore emotional balance.

Unlike most crystals, lepidolite is quite soft. You need to be gentle when handling the stone and it is best to keep it away from water and oils since the porous surface can easily absorb liquids.

These stones can vary in color. They usually range from violet to pale pink in color and they can have white or sometimes even gray and yellow hues in the stone.

The best way to work with lepidolite is by holding the anxiety stone in the non-dominant hand. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and do soothing breathing exercises. The stone will start to do its work within just a few moments and you will start to feel more relaxed with every breath you take.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a very popular crystal and is best used by depression sufferers or those with low self-esteem since this pink stone allegedly reduces feelings of loneliness, fear, and resentment. Many cultures believe that this pinkish stone can help you connect with universal love and improve self-love.

This healing stone can appear translucent in nature. They can range from cloudy and grainy to hazy in appearance.

When you feel alone or afraid, you can keep the protective stone close by. You can wear this crystal on your body, place it under your pillow or simply hold it in your hands while meditating.


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Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is an ideal stone to improve sleep and reduce anxiety. The powerful stone is also used in Throat Chaka to improve speech and communication. Most people feel more relaxed by simply looking at the stone because it has a soft blue hue and soothing white ripple design that reminds them of smooth crisp waters or calm ocean waves.

This stone usually has banded layers of light blue, white, bright blue, and sometimes even brown threads. The banded design forms a smooth pattern over the stone. The agate stone itself is extremely hard but very smooth once polished.

Experts believe that the best way to use this crystal is by wearing it around your neck very close to your throat chakra. By keeping the pendant close to your neck, you will improve speech and communication and the closeness of the stone will also soothe you so you can fall asleep quicker.



Charoite is one of the most vivid stones to look at and it is perfect for reducing stress, improving sleep, and for calming your mind so you can focus better. This stone is also often referred to as the stone of transformation because it is said to calm your nerves when you feel anxious about doing something new and it keeps you calm when you are overcoming new obstacles. The purple stone offers lots of positive energy and is considered a fear blocker.

This stone is best known for its bright purple color and deep black colors but it can sometimes have white or brown colors in it too. It is a hard stone that polishes smoothly and is relatively affordable compared to some precious crystals.

To enjoy the benefits of this healing crystal, you can wear it as jewelry, carry it in your pocket or simply hold it in your hand.



Sunstone has a lot of healing abilities but is mostly used to boost your mood. This stone gives off the same positive energy of the sun – hence its name. People also believe that this crystal can boost your creativity, it can make you feel more motivated and it can make you feel more positive.

Most sunstones have a variety of colors that include yellow, orange, or brown body colors. Green can also appear in these stones although it is extremely rare. Some of these stones can appear reddish with a golden sheen.

To use this stone, you can keep a sunstone crystal tower on your desk while you work so you can be more productive and feel more positive about daunting tasks.


Rainbow Fluorite

This is one of the most beautiful stones on our list because it has so many colors. Rainbow fluorite is considered a good all-around healing stone because it is believed that its many different hues can help improve different conditions. Lots of people believe that this crystal can boost your energy levels. It is also a favorite stone for meditation since the colors are very beautiful to look at and it can ward off bad feelings.

The stone is pretty easy to identify even though it is available in various shades including white and black. The most common colors of this stone include purple, green, blue, and yellow although it can sometimes have clear banes.

It is best to get a nice and big rainbow fluorite because marveling at those gorgeous colors can make you feel more at ease. It is a good stone to cling onto while you meditate and you can keep it close by when you go to bed after having a tough day.



Hematite is considered a protective healing stone. It is believed that Hematite can help remove negative energy from your surroundings and many feel that it is helpful for reducing stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. The stone makes lots of people feel safer, more secure, and supported.

Hematite is usually dark in color and can have a silver-like sheen. When polished, this stone can offer a chrome or mirror-like look. Some hematites can however be reddish in color or can have a red streak.

Hematite is a good stone to keep in your home since it eliminates negative energy in these regions. Holding onto the stone or wearing it as jewelry can also make you feel more confident and safer.


Final Thoughts

While crystal healing helps many people feel better despite their condition, this stone should never be used as a substitute for medical attention. There is no scientific evidence that proves the healing power of crystals. These stones should never be used for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. If you do feel overwhelmed then the first step should be a doctor’s appointment. Crystals can be used as a supplementary treatment in spiritual practice to help you find balance despite your medical condition and medical treatments.

We do hope that you found this article helpful and that you enjoyed learning about the healing powers of natural crystals. For other more great mental health products, tips and advice, we invite you to have a look at some of the other articles we have on our site.


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