Empathy Sweatshirts

What is an empathy sweatshirt and should you be wearing one of these shirts? Find out in this guide where we discuss these supportive clothing pieces.


Empathy sweatshirts are becoming more and more popular since stars like Demi Lovato, Jenifer Lopez, and Selena Gomez started showing up in public wearing these comfortable statement garments.

But what exactly is empathy and should you support this movement? Read on and find out.


What is Empathy vs Sympathy?

Most of us have a pretty good idea of what sympathy is but not too many people know the meaning of the word empathy or understand the difference between these phrases. Here is a quick explanation to help clarify the difference between these words.


Understanding Sympathy

Sympathy is basically when you feel sorry for someone for being in a bad situation. You feel bad or sad for these individuals for struggling but you do not share those same emotions they are experiencing because you are not or have never struggled with the same condition.


Understanding Empathy

Empathy basically suggests that you know how someone else in a bad situation feels and you understand what they are going through and why they are in pain. You can only have empathy with someone if you studied their condition, have first-hand experience with a specific condition or scenario or if you yourself suffer from a certain condition or were once in a similar position.


What is the Empathy Sweatshirt?

You can wear an empathy sweatshirt for all sorts of reasons. Some wear these shirts to show students that they have empathy for high tuition rates. Some wear these shirts to support fellow parents because you finally know what they are dealing with while trying to raise little ones.

When you wear a mental health empathy sweatshirt, it shows that you know what others with mental health conditions are going through because you yourself or a close family member have struggled or are struggling with a similar condition.

Wearing these shirts is a great way to break the negative stigma surrounding these conditions because it shows others that people from cooler circles also deal with mental health issues. This can make those that struggle feel less alone and it encourages the general public to be kinder towards those who are struggling with mental health conditions.


What is the Most Comfortable Sweatshirt Material?

When you are dealing with a tough situation like a tough mental health episode or a challenging condition like depression, the thing you want most is to feel comfortable. You want to feel comfortable in your own skin, you want to relax so your mind can let go.

Experts feel that 100% cotton fabric is the most comfortable sweatshirt material. This is because the fabric gives a luxurious and matte look with a soft feel and the more you wash cotton, the softer it will become over time. It is an ideal loungewear fabric for those days when you are battling just to get out of bed.


Final Thoughts

Empathy sweatshirts are very trendy at the moment and they are designed to help others who fight mental health conditions feel better. These shirts and other quality products from MentalHealthMvmt are great to wear whether you are staying at home or want to go out for an adventure.


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