Mental Health Shirt

Mental health shirts are becoming the latest statement trend. Find out why you should also get one of these shirts in this handy guide.


Every day should be mental awareness day because so many people suffer from these invisible conditions.

Mental health disorders shouldn’t be taken lightly. Millions of people all over the world suffer from these conditions and they are often labeled and excluded from communities for conditions that they have no control over or cannot help for.

It is time for everyone to start spreading more mental health awareness by supporting mental health awareness month and other causes with a mental health awareness t-shirt.


Reasons To Own a Mental Health Shirt

Are you wondering how wearing one simple shirt can make a difference? When you look at these reasons to own a mental illness shirt, you will quickly realize just what difference one simple shirt design can truly make when it comes to mental health matters.


Stylish Designs

When you look good, you feel good. No one knows this better than those who have poor self-esteem or who suffer from mental health conditions like depression. A stylish shirt can go a long way in making you feel comfortable yet look great at the same time.

Designers who suffer from mental health conditions or who are aware of mental health issues go out of their way to produce quality shirts that are stylish enough to go out in yet are comfortable enough to wear as casual loungewear.

The stylish designs and creative phrases on mental health awareness shirts don’t just promote mental illness awareness, they also make it easy for you to look good.


Create Awareness

One of the best reasons to wear a mental health matters shirt is so you can create more awareness about mental health conditions.

Plenty of people who suffer from mental health conditions don’t even know that something is wrong with them. All they know is that they feel sad and depressed all the time, and people treat them ‘differently’ for no apparent reason.

Creating more awareness about different types of mental illnesses can encourage those that struggle to seek medical help.

Awareness also teaches others to play nice and to be more accepting towards people who are wired differently.


Fight the Mental Health Stigma

Mental health issues are usually frowned upon. People are shamed for being ‘different’ and they are often labeled as ‘insane’, ‘crazy’, ‘lazy’, ‘rude’, ‘dull’, ‘trouble makers’ or ‘too wild’ by those who do not understand their needs.

By shedding more light on these conditions, others can understand better and those that suffer from these conditions won’t be viewed in such a negative way anymore.


Support Not-For-Profit Organizations

Most mental health clothing manufacturers donate part of their proceeds or all of their profits to not-for-profit organizations that support mental health patients. Organizations like suicide hotlines, crisis help hotlines, and suicide prevention organizations, in return, work hard to save the lives of those who suffer and help them on their mental health journey.


Final Thoughts

We do hope that this guide inspired you to buy a mental health shirt of your own. And if you are not quite ready to wear one of these statement shirts then perhaps some other accessories like a mental health phone case or a hoodie might be a better start. Check out MentalHealthMvtm for other great articles and products on mental health conditions.


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