Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center Review

Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center in Hampton, Virginia, is part of the Riverside Health System. 

They provide extensive treatment options for individuals dealing with mental health and substance use challenges. 

Their programs cover a wide range of behavioral health needs on the Virginia Peninsula, including crisis intervention, inpatient care, and outpatient services.

The admissions team is available 24/7 for support, accessible by phone or in person. 

The center also features a modern Psychiatric Emergency Department with separate areas for adults and children, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all patients.

Mental illness affects our thinking, emotions, behavior, and mood. If you or someone you know needs help, don’t hesitate to contact Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center at 757-827-3119.

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Adult Services Offered By Riverside

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Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center offers comprehensive Adult Acute Services for individuals aged 18 and older who are dealing with psychiatric, emotional, and/or substance abuse issues. 

Their Intensive Treatment Program quickly assesses and stabilizes adults with severe psychiatric conditions, to reduce symptoms and educate patients about their illness and treatment.

Their Adult Psychiatric Services are tailored to adults who need evaluation and stabilization for psychiatric or emotional well-being. 

They create personalized treatment plans to help patients along their path to wellness.

In addition, Riverside provides Inpatient Detoxification Services that follow national standards. 

These services effectively handle withdrawal from addictive substances using pharmaceutical and therapeutic methods.

Furthermore, they provide Dual Diagnosis Services for patients managing both chemical dependency and psychiatric disorders.

Adolescent Services Offered

Adolescent Acute Services for individuals aged 12 through 17 who are dealing with psychiatric difficulties needing urgent attention. The first priority is to stabilize adolescents during short-term crises.

After stabilization, the team develops personalized plans to support each individual in their growth, development, and success in life. 

Discharge planning is incorporated into the individualized treatment plan from the beginning.

Riverside’s expert team provides acute care in a safe therapeutic environment. 

Adolescents who have recently posed threats to themselves, others, or property due to mental health or substance abuse issues receive specialized care.

The team consists of mental health professionals who provide therapeutic interventions. Services provided in Adolescent Acute Services include 24-hour Nursing Care, Art Therapy, Comprehensive Assessments, Individual and Group Therapy, Life Skills Group, Medication Management, Psychiatric Evaluation, and Recreation Therapy.

Overall, Riverside’s team assists adolescents in learning new skills, developing successful relationships, and interacting well with others.

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Psychiatric Emergency Department at Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center


The Psychiatric Emergency Department (PED) at Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center is Virginia’s first standalone facility solely dedicated to helping individuals facing mental health crises. 

Covering an area of 15,800 square feet, this center assists patients aged 5 and above dealing with mental health challenges and substance use issues. 

It signifies a significant milestone as the region’s inaugural psychiatric emergency department.

The facility includes separate treatment areas for adults and children, offering a total of 20 treatment spaces, including 10 private rooms and 10 recliners. 

Additionally, it offers communal spaces, sensory rooms, and safe outdoor areas designed to calm patients.

With on-site lab services available, the center operates 24/7 with a team of mental health professionals, including supervising physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, psychiatric technicians, therapists, and patient access staff.

Upon arrival, patients are greeted by a patient access representative who evaluates their situation and ensures their safety. 

If there’s a life-threatening medical condition, patients are immediately directed to Riverside Regional Medical Center’s emergency room. 

The PED is solely focused on mental health needs and does not treat acute medical illnesses.

The center is deliberately designed to create a calm and therapeutic environment, promoting healing and recovery.


Does Riverside have a psych unit?

Yes, Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center does have a psych unit.

What is 5150 D?

“5150” refers to a California law that allows for an adult to be held involuntarily for up to 72 hours for a mental health evaluation.
This can happen if the person is considered a danger to themselves or others, or if they are unable to take care of themselves due to a mental health condition.

What is ETS in the riverside?

ETS in Riverside stands for Emergency Treatment Services. It’s a program under the Riverside County Department of Mental Health that offers 24/7 psychiatric evaluation and crisis help for people of all ages.
They provide services such as stabilization, medication management, and referrals for continued mental health care.

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