Self Care is For Everyone Review

We are taught to take care of others from a very young age. For many, the responsibility of taking care of those around you is almost second nature because it is so over-emphasized. 

But did you know that it is also important to take care of yourself? 

If you are not sure what self-care involves or are not sure why this is so important then you should read on and find out why self-care is for everyone and how it affects you and those around you. 

What Is Meant By Self-Care

According to the Oxford dictionary, self-care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve your own mental health. But if you take a closer look at this treatment, you will realize that it is about so much more than just your mental wellbeing. 

When you apply self-care techniques in your life, it means that you are taking steps to improve your own personal and mental health so you can be well, happy, and flourish in all aspects of your life.

With proper self-care, you look better physically which can open many doors for new relationships, friendships, and job opportunities. You also take good care of your physical health which can help you feel much better in general and enable you to do a lot more. 

By promoting your own mental and physical wellbeing, you are also helping those around you because when you feel healthy and happy, you can truly be there for those who struggle. It becomes much easier to be around you and a more positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle inspire others to also start taking good care of themselves. 

Why Self-Care is For Everyone

This treatment is mostly used by those who struggle with mental health conditions. But it is something that everyone should start tending to. 

Self-care is uplifting. It helps you be the best version of yourself. When you are better, others want to spend more time with you because a positive attitude is attractive and appealing. It also encourages those around you to be more positive. 

With self-care, you aren’t just saving yourself, you are also saving or uplifting others who might be struggling and that is exactly why everyone should be practicing self-care. 

Why Self-Care Is Important For Mental Health

With personal care remedies, it sometimes seems like you are just focussing on your physical health. But these treatments can be very good for your mental wellbeing. Here is a quick look at the top ways self-care can boost your mental health.

Being physically healthy makes you feel happy

If you are sick and tired all the time, it affects your lust for life and you end up falling into despair and depression. By promoting your personal health through healthy eating and exercise, you become physically fit and energized. You can do more, get out more, your productivity increases and all of these little things can help you feel much better.

When you look good, you feel good

Self-care involves taking care of your body which boosts your overall appearance. When you look good in the clothes you love, you start feeling good. Looking good can boost your confidence which can help you battle all sorts of mental conditions like body image disorders.

Better management for stress

Stress affects us mentally and physically. Self-care involves taking some time for relaxing activities like meditation, a soothing soak in the tub, or yoga. With these activities, you can reduce your stress load which can promote cognitive functioning, reduce depression and anxiety, and promotes physical health.

Promotes social interaction

We all tend to curl back into our shells when we feel bad about the way we look or when we feel depressed. Self-care boosts your confidence and encourages you to step out so you can interact with others. Social interaction is promoted which can help you combat many mental health disorders.

Communicating with others is great for your mental health because you will soon realize that you are not alone in your struggles. There are plenty of others out there who also struggle with these conditions.

These are just a few of the many reasons to start taking good care of your body and your mind. There are many benefits to self-care and most of these treatments or remedies are pretty easy to commit to. 

Support The Self Care is For Everyone Organisation

It can be tough to stick to your self-care routines, especially if you need to take certain medications or if you need therapy for your condition. Supporting the Self Care is For Everyone organization can make it much easier for you to stick to your program. 

What is the Self Care is For Everyone Company?

This not-for-profit organization is designed to spread love and help those who are struggling with mental health conditions. Since the company was established in 2018, they have donated over $500,000 to the mental health community.

The companies aim is to teach people to take better care of themselves and their mental health and to help others do the same. Many of their proceedings are given to suicide prevention initiatives and they are constantly working hard to help people who struggle.

How To Support The Self Care Is For Everyone Organization?

The best way to support this company, and to remind yourself to practice good self-care is by investing in some of their products. Here is a quick look at some of the best self-care merchandise to get right now if you want to make a donation and spread the love.

A Self-Care Sweatshirt

You have to own a sweatshirt because this comfortable top is ideal for lazy winter days in front of the TV set, but are also comfortable enough for work or working out.

The sweatshirts by Self Care is For Everyone are created by local designers who also support noble causes. There are many fun and beautiful designs to choose from. 

These sweatshirts are available in different colors like white, sand color, light grey, light blue, and pale pink. You can get them in sizes XS – 5XL and they are all made from quality fabrics and have quality graphics printed on the front.

Our favorite shirt designs include the You Are Enough Sweatshirt, the Be Kind To Your Mind Sweatshirt, and the These Waves Will Pass Sweatshirt. 

A Self-Care T-Shirt

We all need a comfy T-shirt to wear at home or when we are going out for a casual day with friends. The self-care t-shirts by Self-Care Is for Everyone are a perfect addition to your wardrobe because they have fun designs to choose from and their quality stretch shirts are available in a wide range of fun colors.

We love most of the shirt prints but the Mental Health Matters Shirt, It’s Ok Not To Be Ok ALL The Time Shirt, and the One Day at A Time Shirts are our favorites. 

Self-Care Stickers

If you are picky about your wardrobe or are not fond of wearing motivational clothing then perhaps a sticker is a better option.

100% of the profits for these stickers are donated to mental health facilities and researchers. The stickers sold by Self Care is For Everyone are very easy to use since you can simply peel and stick them on just about anything. They are perfect for laptops, fridges, and windows. 

This not-for-profit organization sells many different stickers that you can collect. The stickers are all gorgeous with fun colors because they are developed by graphic designers who also support mental health causes. 

Our favorite stickers to buy include the Reaching Out Saves Lives sticker, the Check With Your Friens Sticker, and the Everything Will Be Okay Sticker

Sof-Enamel Self Care Pins

Enamel pins are also terrific accessories for spreading awareness because you can easily pin them on just about anything. They are perfect pins for shirts, dresses, jackets, and backpacks. 

The Enamel Pins by Self Care Is For Everyone is made from quality soft enamel and are usually 1 x 1 inch in size. The organization has a wide range of enamel pins to choose from including the popular It Costs $0.00 To Be A Kind Human Being pin, the It’s Ok To Ask For Help Pin, and the Check-In With Your Friends pin. 

You should regularly check in with the company website. Self Care For Everyone is constantly upgrading their inventory and new and fun products are constantly loaded so you can find something new and exciting to buy ever so often. 

Final Thoughts

Self-care is for everyone because everyone benefits from this noble cause and these simple treatments. If you are also interested in supporting other mental health conditions or organizations or if you want to create more awareness then you should have a look at some of the other guides we have on MentalHealthMvmt. On this site, we are constantly sharing the best mental health awareness products to buy and we show you how you can make a difference.

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