St. Anthony Hospital Mental Health

Access to comprehensive mental health care is crucial, yet too many communities face barriers when it comes to finding reliable treatment options close to home. 

As one of the largest hospitals in Iowa, St. Anthony Regional Hospital has been a leader in providing high-quality and compassionate mental health services for over 100 years.

With a steadfast commitment to holistic wellness, St. Anthony Hospital’s mental health services extend far beyond traditional medical interventions. 

Here, individuals find a sanctuary where their emotional well-being is nurtured with care, dignity, and respect. 

This article provides an overview of the extensive resources available at St. Anthony Hospital Mental Health. 

By raising awareness of St. Anthony’s dedication to whole-person mental wellness, more individuals and families can access timely, effective care during challenging times.


St. Anthony Hospital is a 99-bed medical center based in Carroll, Iowa.

It provides both inpatient and outpatient care through its main hospital building as well as extended care through an on-site 79-bed nursing home.

Accredited by the American Hospital Association and Iowa Hospitals Association, St. Anthony adheres to high standards as one of 16 designated regional centers in the state. 

Cost-effective care is delivered with compassion according to the organization’s Franciscan values and mission to serve all people with dignity.

Patients at St. Anthony Hospital benefit from access to a multidisciplinary team of physicians across various specialties, cutting-edge medical equipment, and the latest treatment modalities. 

With a focus on quality and high-performance standards, the hospital provides each patient with a nurturing environment that addresses their physical, spiritual, and psychosocial needs.

From patient services and rehabilitation to education and wellness initiatives, the hospital exemplifies a steadfast commitment to supporting the wellness needs of the community. 

Let’s explore some of the services offered by St. Anthony Hospital and their dedication to fostering health and healing in their region.

Services Offered by St. Anthony Hospital Mental Health

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St. Anthony Hospital offers a wide range of medical and mental health services and programs to meet diverse community healthcare needs.

Their services include family care and women’s health, providing primary care, preventive screenings, and specialized care for women of all ages. 

The hospital’s ENT department specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the ear, nose, and throat, while physical therapy services focus on rehabilitation and restoring mobility.

For patients with cancer, St. Anthony Hospital provides comprehensive oncology services, including diagnosis, treatment, chemotherapy, and supportive care. 

The hospital’s emergency department offers prompt and efficient care for medical emergencies, and surgical services cover a wide range of procedures performed by skilled surgeons.

Additionally, the hospital offers prenatal and childbirth services, pediatric care, and specialized services for cardiac, pulmonary, renal, and neurological conditions. 

For older adults, services span senior-focused primary care, Alzheimer’s/dementia care, and a continuum of living arrangements from independent to assisted living and nursing home care. 

Furthermore, hospice services are available to ease patients’ end-of-life journeys with compassion.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Anthony Hospital also established a resource center to provide information, guidance, and support to patients, families, and the community.

The hospital also focuses significantly on patients’ mental health in addition to their physical health. Let’s explore some of their mental health services.

Mental Health Services

St. Anthony Hospital provides a wide range of therapeutic services to support patients through psychiatric crises and recovery, including but not limited to the following.

1. Diagnostic Evaluations

Clients at St. Anthony experiencing conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or attention/learning difficulties can access accurate psychiatric evaluations. 

Skilled clinicians then craft personalized treatment plans based on individual needs, integrating evidence-based modalities to ensure effective care.

2. Therapeutic Interventions

Individual and group counseling sessions are offered at the hospital to promote self-awareness and facilitate behavioral change.

Occupational and speech therapies are also available to support clients’ recovery goals and enhance daily functioning.

3. Adjunct Programs for Holistic Healing

Bereavement support is available at St. Anthony Hospital, which assists individuals in navigating the complex emotions of loss and grief, providing guidance and solace during difficult times.

Furthermore, the hospital offers spiritual care services that address the spiritual dimension of health, providing holistic support for mental well-being.

The overarching philosophy guiding all services is empowering clients through self-awareness, adaptive coping strategies, and enhanced life skills. 

These tools aim to lift daily functioning while cultivating long-term mental well-being and quality of life.

Medical Staff in Mental Health

At St. Anthony, a dedicated team of psychiatric professionals collaborates to deliver high-quality care to patients. 

Led by experienced psychiatrists, the team comprises psychiatric nurse practitioners and nurses who offer a diverse range of treatment options. 

The psychiatric staff provides services across both outpatient mental health clinics and adult inpatient care units, ensuring accessibility and flexibility in treatment options. 

Acknowledging the significance of an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, the staff at St. Anthony Mental Health prioritizes patient-centered care. 

Through close collaboration with patients, personalized care plans are developed by their staff members, fostering a supportive treatment environment.

Whether seeking ongoing support in the outpatient setting or requiring intensive care within the inpatient unit, patients receive comprehensive and compassionate care tailored to their individual needs. 

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Warning Signs of a Mental Health Disorder

Everyone experiences mental health problems differently, and not everyone will exhibit obvious warning signs of a mental health disorder

However, there are some common signs and symptoms that may indicate the presence of a mental health disorder.

1. Mood changes: A persistent feeling of sadness, hopelessness, aggression, or irritability can be a major sign of a mental health problem.

2. Changes in behavior: Engaging in risky or self-destructive behaviors, such as substance abuse or self-harm, could also be a sign of underlying mental health issues.

3. Changes in sleep or appetite: Changes in a person’s sleeping or eating patterns often point towards a mental health issue, such as a depressive or anxiety disorder.

4. Loss of interest in activities: A lack of interest in once enjoyable activities can be a sign of depression or burnout.

5. Social withdrawal: Avoiding social interactions or feeling uncomfortable in social situations can be a sign of social anxiety or depression.

6. Difficulty concentrating: Struggling to focus or make decisions can be a sign of ADHD, depression, anxiety, or any other mental disorder.

7. Feeling overwhelmed: Feeling like you’re unable to cope with the demands of daily life can be a sign of stress, anxiety, or depression.

8. Substance abuse: Using drugs or alcohol to cope with stress or emotions can also be a sign of underlying mental health issues.

9. Suicidal thoughts or behaviors: If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts or behaviors, it’s important to seek help immediately.

Locations of St Anthony Hospital

St. Anthony Hospital serves communities across Iowa via its main campus and regional clinics.

Main Campus (311 South Clark St, Carroll, IA): The flagship facility houses the full spectrum of inpatient, outpatient, and emergency services across multiple buildings and floors to serve a diverse range of needs under one roof.

Regional Clinics: To enhance local access, outpatient clinics are strategically located across the region:

  • Breda Clinic (221 Main St, Breda, IA)
  • Coon Rapids Clinic (215 Main St, Coon Rapids, IA)
  • Denison Medical Clinic (1820 4th Ave South Denison, IA 51442)
  • Manning Clinic (221 Ann St, Manning, IA)
  • Westside Medical Clinic (235 Hwy 30, Westside, IA)

These satellite facilities provide localized healthcare services, making essential medical resources more accessible to residents across the region.

Career Opportunities

St. Anthony Hospital offers diverse career opportunities for individuals passionate about healthcare and committed to serving their community with compassion and excellence. 

From dieticians to physicians, and various roles in between, St. Anthony Hospital provides a range of positions to suit different skill sets and interests.

Job openings are regularly posted on their website, allowing interested candidates to stay updated on available positions. 

The application process is straightforward, offering multiple avenues for candidates to apply.

Applicants can either select from the listed job openings on the website or directly access the online application portal

For those preferring an in-person approach, the HR department invites candidates to visit their office, located on the fourth floor of the training and education center at their main branch. 

The office is open during office hours from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Upon submission of an application, qualified candidates may be contacted by a manager or supervisor from the hiring department to arrange an interview, either by phone or email.

Why Choose St. Anthony Hospital Mental Health?


St. Anthony Hospital stands out for its unwavering commitment to compassion, responsibility, responsiveness, teamwork, dignity, respect, and integrity. 

These core values underpin every aspect of the hospital’s operations and define its approach to patient care and service delivery.

Whether it’s a patient, nursing home resident, family member, visitor, or vendor, the goal is to ensure that everyone feels genuinely cared for and respected. 

These guiding principles inspire employees to consistently deliver medical expertise with a personal touch. 

By focusing on both clinical competency and the small interpersonal details, St. Anthony creates an environment where people feel truly cared for in mind, body, and spirit during health challenges. 

This commitment to compassionate, holistic care is why the community confidently turns to St. Anthony Hospital time and again.

Student Experiences

St. Anthony Hospital prides itself on providing rewarding learning opportunities that prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals

With over 200 clinical experiences available each year, students can participate in various disciplines, including nursing, radiology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and anesthesia.

Students not only benefit from interactions with patients and residents in the hospital’s complex rural setting but also gain hands-on practice with advanced equipment and treatment modalities.

Partnering with several prominent educational institutions locally and nationwide, St. Anthony regularly hosts students for practicums, preceptorships, and observational experiences.

These collaborative efforts ensure that students receive comprehensive training and mentorship, preparing them for successful careers in healthcare.

From the moment students engage with St. Anthony Hospital, they can expect a supportive and enriching experience. 

The hospital’s dedicated team is committed to nurturing students’ growth and development, offering mentorship, guidance, and exposure to diverse patient populations. 

Through these immersive experiences, students can gain a deeper understanding of rural healthcare and make meaningful contributions to the community.

History & Heritage

St. Anthony Regional Hospital traces its roots back over a century, embodying a legacy of compassionate care and community service. 

The hospital’s journey began in 1905 when Father Joseph Kuemper, recognizing the need for a medical facility in the Carroll area, spearheaded efforts to establish what would become St. Anthony Hospital. 

Father Kuemper enlisted the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration to administer the hospital, which was dedicated on June 13, 1905, in honor of St. Anthony of Padua.

Over time, the hospital underwent expansions and renovations to meet evolving healthcare needs, including modernization in 1971 and subsequent upgrades in 1994 and 2003.

In 2005, St. Anthony Hospital marked its centennial anniversary with the opening of a new facility, offering advanced amenities like private patient rooms and an intensive care unit.

Further growth came with the inauguration of a new surgery center in 2008, equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Throughout its history, St. Anthony Regional Hospital has remained committed to excellence, guided by its mission to provide exceptional care to the communities of west central Iowa.

Today, the hospital continues to uphold its legacy of providing exceptional healthcare, embracing innovation and compassionate care as it looks toward the future.

Education Partnership Resources

St. Anthony Hospital encourages growth through robust educational support for its staff members. 

Recognizing the value of continual skill-building in healthcare, they offer tuition assistance and partnerships with many leading institutions.

1. Tuition Assistance Program

This benefit reimburses 100% of tuition costs, up to $2,000 annually, for approved courses taken by full-time and part-time employees, removing financial barriers to furthering credentials.

2. Education Partnerships

Formal agreements provide discounted rates for degree programs at respected universities, including:

  • Buena Vista University
  • Capella University
  • Chamberlain University
  • Mount Mercy University
  • Purdue University Global
  • Western Governor’s University

Discounts range from 10-40% depending on the program and university, with detailed eligibility criteria outlined on the hospital’s website.

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