St. Joseph’s Hospital Mental Health: Mental Health Care at St. Joseph’s

Mental well-being is just as crucial to our overall health and well-being as physical health. Approximately one in five American adults experience some form of mental illness in a given year. 

With conditions like depression and anxiety so common, it is reassuring to know that hospitals play an important role in supporting communities by providing specialized mental health services.

For over a century, St. Joseph’s Medical Center has been an exemplary leader in this aspect of care. 

Located in New York City and serving patients across multiple cities and towns, St. Joseph’s has proudly upheld its mission since 1888 of delivering compassionate care through difficult times. 

As a Catholic nonprofit organization sponsored by the Sisters of Charity, St. Joseph’s strives for healing excellence within a caring, supportive environment.

In this article, we will explore St. Joseph’s highly regarded mental health and addiction services. 

Through their Saint Vincent’s Hospital Westchester division, they offer an extensive continuum of inpatient, outpatient, and residential programs addressing needs across the lifespan.

Specialties and Services Offered by St. Joseph’s Hospital Mental Health


The hospital offers many specialty programs and services to meet diverse mental health needs across the lifespan using a collaborative, patient-centered approach.


1. Assessment, evaluation, and referrals:

The hospital’s evaluation and referral service conducts thorough mental health and chemical dependency evaluations for people of all ages. 

Clinicians will provide a verbal or written report and rapidly refer patients to in-network providers for continued support as needed.

Additionally, they are affiliated with most managed care networks, ensuring accessibility to their services.

2. Medication management and adjustment:

Psychiatrists at St. Joseph’s Hospital carefully evaluate which medications may help reduce symptoms. 

They closely monitor patients and make adjustments in dosage and/or medications to ensure optimal wellness and minimal side effects.

3. Individual, group and family therapy:

Therapists at St. Joseph’s provide individual therapy focused on patients’ specific challenges and goals, as well as group therapy which allows for peer support and insight. 

Family therapy is also available, which helps strengthen communication among the family members, and coping as a unit. 

These therapies are provided using evidence-based modalities like CBT, DBT, and exposure therapy.

4. Bilingual services:

Bilingual services are offered to ensure that language is not a barrier to receiving quality mental health care.

5. Anxiety and phobia services:

Specialty programs address conditions like social anxiety disorder, panic attacks, OCD, and phobias using desensitization and other effective techniques. 

Their teams have extensive experience in treating these disorders, yielding successful outcomes.

6. Specialized services for children and adolescents:

The hospital also offers specialized services for children and adolescents for various problems.

For instance, their Excel day program provides support for adolescents struggling with substance use issues

Tailored to meet both educational and treatment needs, this program offers psychoeducation groups, coping skills training, and family sessions to address substance use and mental health concerns. 

Referrals are accepted from various sources, including schools and community agencies, and the program operates Monday through Friday.

7. Adolescent Partial Hospital Program

This intensive program offers short-term treatment for adolescents facing serious emotional and behavioral challenges. 

With a focus on rehabilitation and reintegration into school, the program provides group therapy, individual and family therapy, medication management, and educational tutoring. 

Therapeutic groups cover a range of topics, including social skills, stress management, and coping strategies. 

Operating Monday through Friday, the program supports adolescents during both the school year and summer months.

8. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT):

They also offer a DBT program that provides evidence-based therapy to help individuals develop skills for managing emotions, building healthy relationships, and coping with distress. 

Led by experienced therapists, DBT sessions offer practical strategies for navigating life’s challenges and promoting long-term emotional stability.


1. Depression & Mood Disorders

For those experiencing depression or mood disorders, board-certified psychiatrists work closely with therapists to provide comprehensive treatment options. 

Through evidence-based interventions that focus on symptom management, coping strategies, and resilience, patients can better manage their depression or other mood-related challenges.

2. Anxiety & Stress Disorders

Those struggling with anxiety, stress disorders, and related issues like obsessive-compulsive disorder or phobias can also find skilled care at St. Joseph’s Hospital. 

Seasoned clinicians utilize therapies that have been scientifically proven to be effective, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR, to help reduce anxious distress. 

Additional support through groups and classes provides clients with calming techniques and coping skills to navigate life’s pressures.

3. Trauma & PTSD

The hospital also has a trauma-informed team that assists patients who have experienced traumatic events like assault, abuse, accidents, or military service. 

Through specialized techniques that target distressing memories and feelings of fear, they facilitate the processing of past traumatic experiences so clients can move toward healing.

4. Long-Term Medical Illnesses

The hospital also supports those dealing with both long-term medical illnesses and accompanying mental health issues. 

Therapy and counseling help patients effectively manage conditions like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease while also addressing depression, anxiety, and feelings of isolation. 

It offers dedicated support groups that provide a space for shared understanding and encouragement.

5. Psychosis & Thought Disorders

For individuals experiencing thought disorders or psychotic challenges, coordinated treatment involving psychiatry, therapy, and case management is available.

This treatment approach aims to comprehensively support stabilization and functional recovery for those dealing with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or other thought disruptions.

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Residency Programs Provided

St. Joseph’s Hospital offers four distinct residency programs designed to provide comprehensive training and hands-on experience in various specialties.

1. NYMC at Saint Joseph’s Psychiatry Residency Program

Accredited and spanning both main behavioral health campuses in Westchester County, New York, this program provides hands-on training in diverse clinical settings. 

Residents receive comprehensive training in behavioral health modalities and benefit from exposure to a culturally diverse community. 

Boasting a total of 182 inpatient beds across specialized units, including geriatric, adolescent, addiction rehabilitation, and intermediate care, residents gain invaluable hands-on experience. 

With over 4,000 patients treated in outpatient mental health programs and 500 in outpatient substance use disorder programs annually, residents have ample opportunities to engage in diverse clinical settings. 

Additionally, residents have access to a wealth of academic resources through New York Medical College, enhancing their educational journey and professional growth.

2. Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency

Saint Joseph’s Hospital also offers a three-year residency program in Foot and Ankle Surgery, focusing on trauma and reconstructive surgery. 

Emphasizing limb salvage and wound care, residents undergo hands-on training, managing all aspects of patient care from pre-op to post-op. 

With a foot and ankle clinic available three half-days per week, residents benefit from close collaboration with orthopedic and vascular colleagues, ensuring a well-rounded experience.

3. Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship

The Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship aims to prepare individuals for academic careers focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of foot and ankle wounds. 

It also aims to train physicians to become proficient wound care specialists while integrating hyperbaric medicine into their practice. 

This fellowship fosters scholarly collaboration between faculty and fellows, providing a structured academic program approved by CPME and ACFAS. 

While emphasizing clinical and operative skills, fellows are expected to engage in research activities, including participation in clinical trials and manuscript preparation for publication. 

Weekly research meetings offer opportunities to monitor project progress, ensuring fellows actively contribute to ongoing research endeavors.

4. NYMC at Saint Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency Program

Affiliated with New York Medical College, this program is housed in a modern community hospital, fostering a supportive atmosphere and camaraderie among residents and faculty. 

Residents receive extensive hands-on training across various departments, from the Emergency Department to the Intensive Care Unit, gaining valuable supervisory experience. 

Committed to serving a culturally diverse community, the program emphasizes community health and engagement, demonstrated through the hospital’s family health center and community outreach initiatives.

Physicians and Doctors Available


St. Joseph’s brings together a talented team of licensed mental health clinicians to offer personalized care, including but not limited to:

1. Board-Certified Psychiatrists: Medical doctors who assess conditions, diagnose, manage medications and track treatment progress

2. Licensed Clinical Psychologists: Provide individual and group counseling focused on mental health concerns, behaviors, and wellness strategies.

3. Clinical Social Workers: Holding master’s degrees, they handle complex issues like trauma, substance abuse, family challenges, and transitions utilizing applicable techniques.

4. Licensed Therapists: Deliver specialized therapy for conditions like anxiety, mood disorders, eating issues using modalities like CBT, DBT, EMDR

5. Case Managers: Available for outpatient services, they ensure coordination among all team members, services received elsewhere, schools, and insurance matters, to support continuity of care.

6. Board-Certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists: Provide psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and family resources for those 18 and under

The entire staff is highly trained and compassionate, with a passion for delivering individualized, evidence-based treatment focused on clients’ personal recovery goals and quality of life.

Nursing Careers Offered by St Joseph’s Hospital Mental Health

St. Joseph’s Hospital is committed to building a team of compassionate, experienced clinicians, and offers a variety of rewarding nursing careers to help care for patients.

Both new graduates and experienced RNs are encouraged to apply for nursing roles at St. Joseph’s Hospital. 

Candidates can find full-time roles in both inpatient and outpatient settings. The hospital also has part-time and per diem positions for those preferring a flexible schedule.

St. Joseph understands the financial commitment of nursing school and offers up to $25,000 in student loan repayment assistance. 

All nurses can take advantage of generous tuition reimbursement to further their education. Moreover, new hires also qualify for a $7,500 sign-on bonus.

Competitive pay and comprehensive benefits allow nurses to focus fully on their work helping patients. St. Joseph’s salaries are on par with other leading hospitals in the region.

To explore these career options, candidates submit an online application providing their credentials and interests on their website

Next, they can schedule a virtual nursing interview by clicking here and selecting an available time. 

This allows both parties to connect regardless of location. 

Additional Benefits Offered by St Joseph’s Hospital 

St. Joseph’s Hospital offers a range of additional benefits to support individuals with mental health needs and complex medical conditions:

1. The Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Program

One such program is the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Program, funded by New York State and Medicaid. 

It delivers integrated treatment, rehabilitation, case management, and support services to people with serious mental illness who may not have had their needs met in traditional ways. 

The multi-disciplinary ACT Team provides these services directly to individuals in the community, helping them progress towards their goals and adjusting services as needed.

2. Mobile Crisis Prevention and Response Service

St. Joseph’s also offers a mobile crisis prevention and response service through St. Vincent’s. 

This service features an interdisciplinary mobile team of mental health professionals, including social workers, a child and family specialist, and a psychiatrist. 

Their team responds to individuals in the community, often visiting them at home, and operates from offices at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Yonkers and St. Vincent’s Hospital in Harrison.

3. Health Home Care Coordination: 

Eligible clients with complex medical and behavioral health conditions receive assistance with medical and psychiatric appointments, financial entitlements, vocational and educational goals, housing support, and more. 

Care coordination staff facilitate connections to services and agencies in New York City and Westchester County to prevent re-hospitalizations and unnecessary emergency service use.

4. Insurance Acceptance

St. Joseph’s Hospital also accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and most insurance plans, ensuring accessibility to quality care for individuals seeking mental health and medical services.

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