Waubonsie Mental Health Center: Premier Care for Your Well-Being

Established in 1982, the Waubonsie Mental Health Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to delivering mental health services to individuals residing in southwest Iowa. 

With clinics situated in Clarinda, Red Oak, and Shenandoah, their primary objective is to empower individuals to achieve their mental health objectives through the provision of high-quality, integrated, and trauma-informed care. 

Their range of outpatient mental health services caters to adults, children, and families, encompassing therapy, medication management, and crisis intervention. 

The Waubonsie Mental Health Center serves nine counties in southwest Iowa. 

They make sure everyone can get help there, no matter what their race, color, beliefs, where they’re from, gender, religion, age, who they love, or if they have a physical or mental disability. So read on to learn more about this center.

Waubonsie hospital

Services Provided By Waubonsie

1. Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient therapy is a really important part of taking care of your mental health. It means you have regular meetings with a therapist or counselor to talk about how you’re feeling. 

At Waubonsie Mental Health Center, outpatient therapy gives you a safe and supportive place to talk about your emotions, learn ways to deal with them, and work towards feeling better.

They offer different types of therapy to help with different issues. For example, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be really helpful for anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, insomnia, and phobias. 

Another type they offer is EMDR, which can help with trauma and other emotional distress. This therapy focuses on dealing with tough memories and feelings linked to traumatic experiences.

They also offer Play Therapy, mainly for kids but sometimes for adults too. This therapy uses play as a way to talk about feelings, express emotions, and solve problems. And there are more types of therapy available too.

2. Medication Management

Medication management is all about making sure you’re taking the right psychiatric medications in the right way. At Waubonsie Mental Health Center, they work closely with psychiatrists and other doctors to find the best medications for you and to make sure they’re working well and not causing any problems.

They check in with you regularly to see how the medications are working and to adjust the dosage if needed. 

Medications can be really useful alongside therapy to help you feel more stable and better manage your mental health.

3. CSS + SCL

The CSS and SCL programs are designed to assist individuals with significant mental health challenges in integrating into their communities.

CSS assists such as case management, crisis intervention, and support with daily tasks.

SCL offers residential services, enabling individuals to live independently with support. 

This program focuses on aiding with daily activities such as budgeting, medication management, and attending appointments, while also teaching important life skills like communication, socialization, and problem-solving.

4. IHH + Peer Support Services

Integrated Health Home (IHH) + Peer Support Services: IHH brings together both physical and mental health care, understanding how they’re connected. 

It could mean giving support services at home to people with disabilities or mental health conditions. This might include help with personal care, managing medications, or learning new skills.

This program might also connect people with others who have been through similar mental health challenges. 

Peer support groups can provide a feeling of belonging, empathy, and encouragement for those facing mental health issues.


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Address and Contact Information of Waubonsie Mental Health Center

The Waubonsie Mental Health Center has clinics in three different spots across southwest Iowa. Here’s the info:

1. Clarinda Office (Main Office):

  • Address: 216 W. Division Street, Clarinda, IA 51632
  • Phone: (712) 542-2388

2. Red Oak Office:

  • Address: 1000 N. Broadway Street, Red Oak, IA 51566
  • Phone: (712) 581-7900

3. Shenandoah Office:

  • Address: 1213 5th Ave. Shenandoah, IA 51601
  • Phone: (712) 522-1983

For more information, you can check their website.

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