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Are you struggling to keep your mental health condition in check? A mental health tarot spread will make it fun to keep working on these challenging conditions.


Mental health diseases are not very easy to deal with, mostly because they are incurable. Mental health conditions are something you will most likely have to battle for the rest of your life. Some are lucky enough to find ways to overcome these conditions for good, but for most, it is an ongoing struggle that requires a lot of hard work.

The self-care that is needed for managing mental health conditions can be tedious. It is hard to assess your personal feelings and health condition every day, and to stick to recommended programs like diets, workouts, and social exposure so you can keep these conditions under control.

If you want to make it more fun to manage your mental health then you should consider investing in a pack of tarot cards and get a mental health tarot spread.


What are Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards date back to the late 14th century and were first played in Europe although the origin of these cards and exact invention date is still unknown. Tarot reading cards were developed in the late 18th century. These cards were customized for divination, cartomancy, or tarot card reading purposes and are quite different from your average deck of cards.

The cards are used to gain insight into the past, present, and future. The reader first formulates a question and then draws a card. The card is then interpreted to help you ‘guess’ or estimate the answer to your question.

A pack of tarot reading cards usually consists of 78 cards that can be split into two groups:


The Major Arcana

The Major arcana deck or group consists of 21 cards that include various characters or themes like the fool, the magician, the high priestess, the empress, the emperor, the lovers, and more.


The Minor Arcana deck. 

The Minor Arcana deck consists of 56 cards with 14 cards in each suit. The suits include the Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles themes.


Each of the tarot cards has a unique name and the meaning of each card is different. When you draw up a certain card, you should look up the meaning of the card and see how it relates to the question you are asking.


What is a Mental Health Tarot Spread?

A tarot spread is used to do tarot readings. These cards can be used to find readings for all sorts of purposes. Some use tarot spreads to find out what their future love life will be like and other spreads are designed to give you an idea of how your day will go.

There are different types of tarot spreads but the spreads are usually divided into the following categories;


One Card Spreads

This spread is mostly used to answer a single question or for morning meditation rituals. With this tarot spread, a single question is asked, and you can draw a single card that helps you predict the answer to your question.

For example; you might want to know what your day will be like. Will it be a good day? Or will there be challenges heading your way today?

First, you need to get comfortable and shuffle your deck while you ask the question: “What do I need to know today?”. Spread the cards out face down in a rainbow shape and pick a single card that you can check out.

You can now read the meaning of the card and ponder on how this card will affect your day.


Three Card Spreads

Three card spreads usually indicate the present, past, and future. To use the cards, you will first need to get comfortable and shuffle your deck. You might want to know what your future mental health state might be so think of a suitable question like this one: “Will I be happy?” or “Will I be healthy?”.

You now need to draw three cards and place them to the side. The first card will represent your health in the past, the second will indicate your current health, and the third one your future health.


The Five Card Spreads

There are different ways to interpret five-card spreads for mental health. It is important to first, find a suitable mental health tarot spread or spread poster. Each card you turn over will represent something. For example; The first one might represent the past, the second one the present, the third one might be your future, the fourth one the core reason for your current circumstances, and the fifth one the potential for your situation.

As you turn the cards over, you can read about the meaning of these cards and think about how it represents your circumstances.


As said before, there are many different types of tarot spreads. These spreads can be one card spreads, two card spreads, Yes and No card spreads, three-card spreads, four card spreads, five-card speeds, six… all the way up to a ten-card spread and these spreads help you understand different ways to interpret your card readings.


Can Tarot Cards Help Mental Health?

Tarot therapy isn’t a cure or treatment for mental health conditions. It is important to seek out professional help for your condition if you feel like it is affecting your life.

The cards are used to explore the available options, consequences or conditions of your future or your present. There are lots of different ways to play tarot reading games and it can help you explore your own personal feelings and situations. The cards can also help you make better decisions and not because they have some magical power.

They work great for mental health conditions because they help you consider and reflect before you make a decision or do anything.

While this is a fun game, it is important to first understand that it is just a game. You shouldn’t connect too much belief to certain cards. The cards are best used to guide you through your day or to help you get a better understanding of your mental health condition. Nothing is set in stone and drawing a bad card doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your world.

All in all, the cards are designed to make it more fun to focus on improving your mental health state but it is no cure for your condition and shouldn’t be the only activity or treatment you use for mental health issues.


Final Thoughts

There are many different mental health tarot spreads out there to explore and a good spread can help you understand or overcome different obstacles in your life. A tarot deck is certainly worth looking into if you have a tough time working on self-care. But if you feel that this isn’t the right option for your unique condition then you should have a look at some of the other products on MentalHealthMvmt. On this site, you can find all sorts of mental health products that can help you manage your condition with ease.


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