Calvary Counseling Center: Expert Mental Health Services

Mental health and counseling centers play an important role in supporting individuals as they navigate life’s challenges and mental health issues. 

These centers provide essential resources, therapeutic interventions, and a safe space for individuals to address their mental health needs, ultimately leading to more fulfilling lives.

Calvary Counseling Center is a prime example of such a facility, committed to offering care and support to those in need. 

With a dedicated team of professionals and a wide range of services, Calvary Counseling Center strives to meet the diverse needs of its clients. 

In this article, we will explore the various services they offer and how they contribute to the overall well-being of their community.

About Calvary Counseling Center


Located in Manassas, Virginia, the Calvary Counseling Center is dedicated to serving those experiencing challenges with their mental health or substance use. 

They provide a variety of outpatient programs customized for each individual’s specific needs and situation. 

Their services include justice-involved programs, comprehensive assessments, and group therapy. They also help clients by connecting them to additional support resources.

Whether navigating transitions, coping with stress, or dealing with mental health concerns, their compassionate clinicians are there to listen without judgment. 

They offer evidence-based counseling approaches and personalized strategies, which help clients in building resilience and strength.

Calvary Counseling Center’s welcoming space encourages open exploration of thoughts, emotions, and experiences. 

The center offers a non-confrontational environment free of stigma, in which clients can gain clarity and perspective. 

With a strong commitment to integrity, the center promotes empowerment for individuals and families impacted by mental illness and substance use challenges.

Calvary Counseling Center Vision

Calvary Counseling Center aspires to be the leading and most trusted behavioral health agency in Northern Virginia, recognized for its warm and welcoming environment. 

The center is dedicated to transforming individuals, families, and communities through innovative treatment methods. 

Their goal is to provide comprehensive and cohesive therapeutic services to those seeking support, ensuring a profound and positive impact on the lives they touch.

Mental Health Services Provided By Calvary Counseling Center

Calvary Counseling Center offers a range of mental health services to support individuals facing various challenges. Some of these services are detailed below:

1. Anger Management

Calvary Counseling Center provides a cognitive-behavioral based anger management program designed for adults who struggle with managing their anger. 

In this program, clients work with a trained counselor to explore the causes and reactions to their anger.

Under the guidance of the counselor, they review the consequences of their actions and alternative behaviors that can help them manage their emotions more effectively.

2. Group/Individual Therapy

Calvary Counseling Center offers both group and individual therapy sessions to cater to the needs of their clients. 

Group therapy provides a supportive environment where individuals can share their experiences and learn from others facing similar challenges. 

On the other hand, individual therapy offers personalized, one-on-one support to help clients work through personal issues, develop coping strategies, and achieve their mental health goals.

3. Immigration Psychological Evaluations

Calvary Counseling Center conducts immigration psychological evaluations, which are important for various legal processes. 

For extreme hardship waivers, the evaluation considers multiple factors to determine if an individual meets the “extreme hardship” standard.

It assesses the impact of deportation on a lawfully resident parent or spouse among other factors. 

Political asylum evaluations document psychological or physical trauma suffered in the country of origin, including racial, ethnic, religious, or political mistreatment, focusing on the severity of trauma. 

For domestic abuse waivers, the evaluation establishes the presence of abuse, assessing its psychological and practical impacts, whether the abuse is physical, verbal, or psychological. 

These evaluations help clients navigate the complexities of immigration processes with professional support.

4. Parent Education Groups (H.O.P.E.)

Calvary Counseling Center provides H.O.P.E. (Healthy & Objective Parenting Education), a state-approved program designed to support parents post-separation or divorce. 

Led by experienced co-instructors, the classes focus on the significance of parental involvement and cover various topics.

These topics include the effects of separation on children, strategies for parallel parenting and co-parenting, and understanding the needs and rights of children. 

The curriculum includes lectures, discussions, and videos, and meets the parent education guidelines set by the Supreme Court of Virginia.

5. Shoplifting Intervention Services for Youth

The Therapeutic Intervention Program (T.I.P.) at Calvary Counseling Center aims to help young individuals acknowledge and take responsibility for their actions. 

This family-focused program educates both the youth and their families on how to change negative behaviors and manage negative influences. 

Through a cognitive behavior change curriculum, T.I.P. highlights the connection between thought processes and behaviors. 

The program, led by professionals with human services degrees, provides a structured and supportive environment for juveniles and their guardians.

6. Adult Education for Shoplifters

Calvary’s T.I.P. also caters to adults who need intervention for criminal behaviors like shoplifting. 

This program uses an evidence-based cognitive behavior/restructuring curriculum to help participants address and correct faulty thinking and self-defeating behaviors. 

The curriculum of this program covers the economic impact of theft on the community and personal consequences. 

Participants undergo a thorough bio-psychosocial assessment and receive personalized clinical recommendations. 

The program emphasizes developing skills to prevent future offenses and effectively manage stress related to their actions.

7. Supervised Parent Visitation

Calvary Counseling Center offers supervised visitation services to ensure the safety and well-being of children during visits with a parent. 

Often court-ordered, this service provides a monitored environment where children can maintain a relationship with both parents despite allegations of abuse or neglect. 

The Safe Haven program at Calvary ensures that supervised visits are conducted in a safe and supportive setting, free from parental conflict. 

All visits are overseen by professionals with degrees in counseling or mental health, trained in handling child abuse and neglect cases. 

These visits are available in blocks of one to six hours, during evenings and weekends, to accommodate various schedules while ensuring maximum comfort for the children.

Drug and Alcohol Relief Services


Calvary Counseling Center provides the following key drug and alcohol services to help individuals address their substance use issues and related behaviors: 

1. DUI/DWI Level I

This psycho-educational group is for individuals convicted of driving under the influence (DUI/DWI) or whose charges have been amended to reckless driving. 

It aims to identify harmful patterns of alcohol and drug use and educate offenders about the effects of these substances on driving. 

Participants learn about the impact of alcohol and drugs on driving skills, explore their personal drinking and drug use patterns, and develop strategies to prevent future offenses. 

Topics covered in this program include traffic safety, laws related to DUI/DWI, and the effects of alcohol/drugs on the body and driving abilities.

This program also covers topics such as chemical dependency, sources of assistance, and the costs and consequences of DUI/DWI.

2. DUI Level II

Designed for individuals with multiple DUI/DWI convictions, this course addresses issues specific to repeat offenders. 

It meets court-ordered requirements and goes deeper into understanding drug and alcohol abuse, preventing relapse, and the effects of substances on the mind and body. 

Participants learn about the history and health implications of substance abuse, the mechanics of addiction, DUI laws, and available resources for support and recovery.

3. Drug Education

Calvary Counseling Center offers comprehensive Level I and Level II Alcohol & Drug Education Classes. 

These classes provide participants with knowledge about the biological, psychological, and social consequences of substance use and abuse. 

They cover the legal implications of drug and alcohol possession and use, introduce signs and symptoms of addiction, and discuss treatment options. 

The education focuses on the broader impact of substance abuse and equips individuals with the information needed to make informed decisions about their health and behavior.

4. Underage Drinking Program

Targeted at individuals aged 18 to 20 who have been charged with alcohol-related offenses, this program includes an education class and short-term alcohol and drug counseling. 

The education class provides an overview of common problems associated with alcohol abuse, while the counseling sessions explore the reasons behind substance use and its consequences. 

Participants examine their beliefs and decision-making processes and learn techniques to develop and maintain a positive lifestyle. 

The education classes are typically conducted in two day-long weekend sessions, and the counseling groups meet weekly for two hours.

These services collectively aim to educate, support, and rehabilitate individuals dealing with substance-related issues, helping them make healthier choices and avoid future offenses.

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Pricing & Rates At Calvary Counseling Center

Following is a detailed breakdown of the pricing for the various services offered by Calvary Counseling Center:

1. Therapy Sessions

  • Initial Diagnostic Interview: $380
  • Individual Therapy: $200 per session
  • Family/Couple Therapy: $260 per session
  • Group Therapy: $50 per session

2. Classes/Groups/Sessions

  • Alcohol or Anger Management Class/Group: $50 per hour
  • H.O.P.E. Parent Education Class: $50
  • T.I.P. Adults Group: $75 per hour (3-hour session, plus cost of assessment)
  • T.I.P. Youth Group: Included in the assessment fee
  • Worthless Check Writing Offenders Class: $75 per hour (3-hour session, plus cost of assessment)

3. Supervised Visitation Orientations

Supervised visitation orientation costs are applied per adult or guardian, and children are not allowed at the initial orientation. 

A minimum of 2 hours for weekdays and 4 hours for weekends is required for supervised visitation services.

  • Supervised Orientation Intake: $400 per person
  • Supervised Visitation Session: $150 per hour
  • Educational Visitation Session: $200 per session
  • Supervised Exchange: $60 per session
  • Individual Counseling: $200 per session
  • Holiday Services for Supervised Visitation: Starting at $160 per hour

4. Evaluations/Assessments

Calvary Counseling Center provides a variety of assessments to support clients’ mental health and substance use challenges. 

Fees for evaluations and assessments are outlined below:

  • Alcohol/Drug Assessment/Evaluation: $380
  • Initial SAP/DOT Evaluation: $600
  • Anger Management Assessment/Evaluation or Bio-Psychosocial Assessment: $400
  • DUI/DWI Assessment/Evaluation: $380 
  • Gastric Bypass Assessment/Evaluation: $480
  • Immigration Psychological Evaluation: Starting at $1800
  • Mental Health Assessment/Evaluation: $1520
  • T.I.P. Adult Assessment: $380 (Plus cost of group)
  • Worthless Check Writing Assessments: $200 

5. Court Action / Legal Fees

Calvary Counseling Center also handles legal and court-related services. Here are the fees associated with court actions and legal support:

  • Preparation Time: $325 per hour 
  • Phone Calls: $325
  • Depositions: $325 per hour
  • Testimony: $325 per hour
  • Mileage: $0.54 per mile
  • Time Away from Office Due to Depositions/Testimony: $325 per hour
  • Minimum Charge for Court Appearance: $3,500

Note: All fees must be paid in full before the court appearance. Any attorney fees and costs incurred by the therapist must also be paid in full.

6. Official Letters/Forms or Consultations (Excludes Legal Letters/Forms)

For those needing official letters, forms, or consultations, Calvary Counseling Center offers the following services:

  • Official Letter/Forms Completion: $100 – $500
  • Consultation for Background Check for State/Federal Security Clearance: $380
  • Consultation Fees: Starting at $380
  • DMV Forms and Reports: $180

Note: Form completion and DUI/DWI evaluation from the State of Illinois may have additional service fee rates. All services are non-refundable and non-transferable. 


1. Who needs counseling the most?

Individuals experiencing significant stress, emotional distress, mental health issues, or those undergoing major life transitions often benefit the most from counseling.

2. What are the 5 stages of counseling? 

The 5 stages of counseling are:
Initial Disclosure – Establishing the therapeutic relationship and exploring the client’s concerns.
In-depth Exploration – Exploring the client’s issues and their underlying causes in depth.
Commitment to Action – Developing a plan for addressing the client’s concerns.
Counseling Intervention – Implementing strategies and techniques to facilitate change.
Termination – Reviewing progress, consolidating gains, and planning for the future.

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