Top 21 Mental Health Awareness Hashtags and What they Mean

It is increasingly difficult or impossible to find someone who has not used a social network in their life: whether for entertainment, to share pics with loved ones, for work and/or for information. But have you considered using them to promote awareness about mental health or find information about it?

A hashtag is a social media and internet resource that makes it easy to locate any post, as well as relate it to categories of content. These are very easy to use and are present in the main social networks and messaging applications. Once properly managed, they help both in the promotion of the product as a seller and in the access to them.

Among the many uses are hashtags for mental health awareness, used by people trying to inspire others or guiding them as professionals, as attending this dimension of health has become more and more important over time for the public, a trend that should keep rising. That’s why here we bring you the best ashtags addressing mental health.

Mental Health Awareness Hashtags


Starting with the simplest, this hashtag allows you to connect with the whole movement against the stigmatization of mental health, as well as to make the voice louder for the population to integrate this dimension of their being.


Do you want to learn about life experiences and resources for your growth? This hashtag is widely used by influencers, celebrities and mental health professionals alike to provide resources to strengthen your being, and stories to inspire you to keep up.


Great hashtag to share your experiences in psychotherapy or looking for other’s stories, as well as mental health professionals with good info and ready to help people out.


This is one of the most popular hashtags. It can lead you to a diversity of content or clients too wide, but at the same time it can connect you with different and refreshing ideas to take care of yourself.


Yes, it does matter, and this hashtag will direct you to posts that directly confront and inspire people to accept inner healing as a high priority in life.


Leaders, activists, and mental health professionals that are taking a step forward. You may rely on this hashtag if you want to become more proactive in the Mental Health Awareness movement and spread the word.


The mind works much better when it’s motivated and focused, using its energy to attract things consciously. Set an abundance mindset to enhance this power, as you will surely find people connected to what they desire at most.


Take care of your stress levels, no matter if they seem light or manageable, it will lead to worse mental and physical issues.


This one may sound too basic, but it’s the most popular hashtag, and is also well used by therapists to promote their content and services.


It may not work all the time, but you may use it for getting ready for the next Mental Health Day, and connect with mental health advocates and organizations.


We are living in an era no longer focused on ego, rather than on the balance from the heart. You may use this mental health hashtag to find inspiring quotes, as well as professionals teaching how listening to it can relieve stress.


Looking for mental health professionals, but also open to coaches and beautiful people who may guide from their experience? If that’s you, then this may be the one you need. There are variants for this hashtag for more specific targets: #LifeCoachForMen, #LifeCoachForWomen, #LifeCoachForMoms, and so on.



The neck contains many vital structures help regulate and maintain homeostasis of the body.#selfcare #healthytips #bloodsupply #acupuncturist

♬ Tropical – SUDI

Health is an integral issue. It’s worthwhile to complement inspirational quotes and mind-hacking resources with lifestyle changes, and this hashtag will lead you to that.


In case you need information or assistance on specific mental health issues or problems, you can use hashtags about those specific symptoms to find the most appropriate people, as well as life experiences. You may also look for hashtags like #depression, #ptsd, #bipolardisorder, #OCD, and so on.


There are good people around there always sharing updates on the progress made to overcome stigmas about this dimension of health, as well as activities you can do about it.


Looking for meditations and related tools to clean up your mind and master your thoughts. There are plenty of mindful resources you may find, as well as teachers sharing classes and media resources for a mindful life.

#PsychoNeuroImmunology or #PNI

Maybe it’s the first time you read this word. PNI (in short) is a multidisciplinary science that builds the bridge between mindset, emotions and physical health. A not so popular hashtag but that may guide you to professionals who address mental issues in a holistic and empathic, but still scientific way.


Take a nap! Listen to your breath and manage yourself! 🙂


Pregnancy is a very particular process. Conscious Pregnancy hashtags will take you to accounts focused on guiding and sharing stories about this topic, and ready to listen to your case, as each pregnancy is unique.


Dark moments in life may work to teach us that our potential as humans goes beyond the mental dimensions. Sometimes it’s a spiritual awakening that we need.


What about people’s stories of recovery and overcoming not just mental issues, but many kinds of health conditions and or problems in their life? It may bring awareness about how small your problem could be compared to others and see what they did.

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