7 Best Mental Health Crossword Puzzles

All learning is better if it can be done in a playful or didactic way. Whether you are a child or an adult with the desire to disperse the mind for a while, we bring these 7 crossword puzzles of different levels of difficulty, with the purpose of having a fun time learning about mental health, taking advantage of the benefits of these games for brain function.

There have been several investigations about the benefits of regular crossword puzzles gaming for mental health and to prevent cognitive decline, loss of memory, and chronic neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer and dementia. The results from those studies have come out with diverse conclusions, surely because cognitive decline and neurodegenerative disorders can be influenced by many other variables, as there’s even people that get these kinds of disorders triggered by a traumatic event.

Nevertheless, it is clear that keeping your brain active helps in keeping a young and resilient mind. In the same way, the funnier the easier the learning process becomes. Thus, intellect-challenging games like crossword puzzles keep your mind sharper every time you play them. That’s why we bring you the following 7 crossword puzzles addressing useful and various topics about mental health. So, have fun!

Mental Health Crossword Puzzles

Crossword Puzzle for Mental Health Month

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Created by: Cardinal Innovations
URL Link: https://bit.ly/3F3Jbfl

Mental health is cultivated in daily life from your habits, and knowing the pillars or basic resources to take care of it can be decisive to do the right thing from small changes, as well as to resort to the natural to improve your overall health, and thus maintain a more awake and motivated mind.

For this, Cardinal Innovations made this beautiful crossword puzzle in honor of Mental Health Month, making reference to various habits like hydration, food, social manners and doing at least 15 minutes workout for a happy mind.

Main emotions and feelings

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Created by: When We Crosswords

URL Link: https://bit.ly/3qo9Jnt 

Do you have emotions and feelings that you do not know how to describe? Our emotional world can be very complex, and the main solution to heal them is to let them flow, but knowing the basic names may let you understand each of them more clearly, in order to find the causes and ways to manage them.

This simple crossword puzzle is perfect for keeping your brain active and getting to know yourself.

Basics of mental and emotional wellness in infants

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Created by: Crossword Hobbyist

URL Link: https://bit.ly/306rkpd 

The best way to guarantee good roots for the mental health of a human being is to know how to care for and cultivate it in its first years of life and during its initial education.

This beautiful play on words helps to refresh the essential terms and principles of a healthy and caring upbringing of every dimension of every child.

Learn about the causes of stress with word puzzles

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Created by: When We Crosswords

URL Link: https://bit.ly/3mYO1Ew 

Surely, if we knew how to identify and manage the various signs of stress early on, our society would have far fewer people with mental health problems.

Stress is not only psychological, it is a multidimensional problem with multiple manifestations. Although anxiety is often considered its only synonym or consequence, in reality there are many more health problems that owe their existence to distress (chronic stress) or the inability to handle it when it rises:

Insomnia, irritability, distractibility and hyperactivity, depression, among other neuropsychological diagnoses, added to physical problems can be its consequence.

In this crossword puzzle you can identify the main stressors or causes of stress.

Mental and Emotional Health Terminology (hard)

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Created by: When We Crosswords

URL Link: https://bit.ly/3D09Auc 

This is a large and quite interesting crossword puzzle that you can download to learn about the main aspects of mental and emotional health, as well as some basic diagnoses.

Its difficulty is moderate: a balance of simple or everyday words to describe the main emotions and situations, but with somewhat more formal terminologies for a more robust understanding.

Psychology terms and mental illnesses (harder)

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Created by: Crossword Labs

URL Link: https://bit.ly/3D0eE1G 

If you’re a psychology or coaching student, or have been learning related terminology by yourself recently, this one’s for you. This is the most advanced from the list, as it introduces you fully into psychiatric and psychological concepts, and there are no answers available! Or at least, not for free. It includes names of various illnesses and their categories, symptoms, and psychotherapeutic currents or styles. This last factor is very important, as you may learn which therapeutic current can best address the different types of diagnoses.

Mood disorders – advanced crossword

Crossword puzzle about phobias (hard but fun)

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Created by: When We Crosswords

URL Link: https://bit.ly/3mZJh1t 

And what’s the name for the phobia of cats? Do you know what claustrophobia is? Is there really a phobia of the number eight shape? 

This is the hardest of all crosswords as it is not common at all to know the names from such both frequent and rare kinds of phobias, but it will be cool to google them and expand your vocabulary.


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